Broken PSP >_<

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Snapshot_20090814_4 So my PSP is really broken, like, really. Well sort of, just the screen is  busted and I can’t actually see anything, but for all intents and  purposes it’s broken. Is it the first time? No. However as August 25th  approaches, which is of course the release date for Dissidia: Final  Fantasy, I am starting to worry. It’s also stopped me from trying out  the demo! It killed me when I heard there would be one 😦 I really  want to play it and I have  been waiting for it for quite some time,  even pre-ordering it. So, should  I buy a PSP 3000? PSP 2000? Or  should I wait for a PSPgo? The 3000  is almost out of the question as I  have heard about the screen showing  weird scan lines and such. I  really like the 2000 though and want a  new one. However I am slowly  warming up to the new PSPgo. The  screen size is probably the only thing that turns me off about the  PSPgo. As it is only slightly smaller than the PSP screen is now. Everything else about it I like, well, except for the price. It is expected to go on sale for $250.00! I could buy another Wii for that money and I do need a new Wii -_-. So, temporary solution? I might buy the TV-out cables for my PSP 2000 so I can actually play the game, if only at home. But I will be needing a new PSP after all isn’t that the point? PlayStation Portable? Something to think about I guess.


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