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I just had my graduation party yesterday, I would say that it was a success as far as parties go. I was hoping a few more of my friends were going to show up but what can you do? Plenty of my family showed up which was nice and everyone was quite generous with their gifts. So why so late? I mean, I did graduate in June so why have a graduation party now? Well I was going to have one only days or a few weeks after graduating but certain events in my life prevented that from happening. Only two days after one of the happiest days in my life I experienced one of the saddest. The death of a family member can be really cruel. Nothing ever really changes although you find better and better ways to just deal with it. Certain things go back to normal, while others will never be the same again. Sometimes it feels like my life had literally been put on pause and it’s finally starting to play again. But there are times where it still seems like I’m on hold. My graduation party helped me feel as if things were starting to pick back up and I’m thankful for that.

R.I.P. Uncle Paul


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