MiChi – YOU

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MiChi - YOU~Single~

MiChi – YOU

1. YOU

2. YOY

3. YOU (version 3.1)

4. YOU (Instrumental)

Awesome! A sweet slow song from MiChi, that’s exactly how I would describe “YOU”. Don’t get me wrong I love all the upbeat tracks she has done so far but it is finally nice to hear something like this. “YOU” features a nice piano and some calm beats that really sets a nice tone for the song I especially like the strongs that come in during the chorus. MiChi shows great emotion in her singing and it left me wanting a true ballad type song from her.

Score – 9.5

Wow what a difference. “YOY” (what in the world is with that title?) is quite the contrast to “YOU” Right off the bat the opening synth and beats are pretty out there. They made me think of outer space. It’s quite the unique song and I thought the chorus was interesting. However, as interesting as it was, I didn’t hear anything in the song that made me want to give it multiple listens.

Score – 8

The 3.1 version of YOU is quite different from the original. The beginning makes me think of traditional Chinese music but that doesn’t last for too long. This version is lacking most of the vocals, too the point where I first thought it was a instrumental remix. Where there are vocals the pace has been quickened quite a bit.

Score – 9

Final Note

Finally, a ballad from MiChi and it’s awesome.

Overall Rating



After typing this up I realized why the song is called “YOY”. I don’t know why I didn’t get it in the first place, but in the song she sings “YOY” as in “Why oh Why?”


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