Koda Kumi – Alive / Physical thing

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Koda Kumi – Alive / Physical thing

1. Alive

2. Physical thing

3. Alive (Instrumental)

4. Physical thing ( Instrumental)

5. TRICK Live Version (from TRICK TOUR 2009)

6. Joyful Live Version (from TRICK TOUR 2009)

Alive is a nice ballad with a different kind of arrangement that was refreshing to hear. I like how everything in the song sort of culminates into the chorus. However I felt as if there was something missing from this song. It is fairly short at about 3 1/2 minutes and I felt  more could’ve been put into the song.

Score – 9

Physical thing is a Japanese cover of a song of the same name by the artist NOSHEEN. I’m not sure what the original sounds like so I can’t make any comparisons but I wasn’t exactly happy with it anyway. I though it should have been a B-side to be honest. It’s a fast paced song with a sexy kind of beat to it but it just feels unremarkable. Nothing about it makes me want to listen to it. I found it quite forgettable.

Score – 7.5

Believe it or not INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK was one of my favorite songs on Kumi’s latest album TRICK and I really wish that it was a full song. While listening to the Live Version I got a little surprise as Kumi starts singing an extra verse towards the end. I really liked what I heard and it gives me even more hope for a full studio version.

Score – 9

Joyful wasn’t a favorite at first but since first listening to it on TRICK it has grown on me. Also you have to admit that Kumi can really sing well live. It adds that extra flair that you don’t get on an album and I actually think that I prefer listening to this live version rather than the studio one.

Score – 8.5

Final Note

Good variety in this single.

Overall Rating



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