Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ~TGS 2009 Day 1~

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Ven Summoning

I guess summoning is back. Here is Ven summoning Experiment 626/Stitch. Here’s to some different summons. Although I will note this is a series first where a summon is also a party member.

It’s also been reported that the Japanese release date for Birth by Sleep will be January.

A new trailer has been released as well. It would seem that it is filled with even more content than past trailers.

-Non TGS-

In related news new scans of the Birth by Sleep online mode have sprung up from Famitsu and lo and behold Terra and Aqua’s keyblades have keychains on them. Well that is what it looks like anyway. I could have sworn a while ago that the new screen shots had the keychains but I couldn’t be sure and maybe they don’t, but these definitely do. Weirder is that Ven’s keyblade absolutely does not have a keychain, at least not yet.

See for yourself in these scans…

Famitsu BBS Scan 1-2Famitsu BBS Scan 3-4Famitsu BBS Scan 5-6

scans courtesy of KHInsider.

It looks like that is about it from Day 1 but check back here as the Tokyo Game Show has three more days to go, and those Japanese just love to drag it out.


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