Ken Hirai – CANDY

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Ken Hirai - CANDY


Ken Hirai – CANDY


2. Furusa Sai’da

3. Do it!!

4. CANDY (less vocal)

Awesome! New stuff from Ken Hirai and it’s about damn time!

“CANDY” is very different from anything he has ever done in the past, well, at least different from what I am used to. It’s not quite R&B, in fact it’s pretty much all pop. It’s an upbeat song with a fast paced chorus. Hirai hits some great high notes and I really enjoyed that display of vocal prowess. Something about it doesn’t really seem right though and it didn’t stand out to me.

Score – 7.5

In case anyone wanted to know “Furusa Sai’da” is an arabic phrase and it means “nice to meet you” or something along those lines. Continuing that the song itself has some arabic flavors in it as well. I thought the song sounded pretty sexy as well. In my opinion Furusa Sai’da was loads better than CANDY, that moan from Ken at the end of the song helps ❤

Score – 8.5

“Do it!!: sounded a little strange to me. I thought the song didn’t really flow well for some reason. I don’t think the music is really fit for Ken either, in fact, the more I listen to it the more I don’t like it.

Score – 7

The final track on this single is a “less vocal” version of CANDY. If anyone was wondering what “less vocal” means well, let’s just say the track should be called “CANDY (Original Karaoke)” or some such.

Final Note

Kind of all over the place, some stuff I liked, other stuff? Mehhhh…

Overall Rating



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