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1. MadNesS Vol. 1


3. ChaNge the WoRLd

4. Why oh Why

5. HEy GirL

6. KiSS KiSS xxx

7. RaiN

8. Oh Oh…

9. Something Missing

10. One of a Kind

11. WoNDeRLaND?

12. Shibuya de Punch

13. YOU


So this is my first album review and I’m glad that it’s a particularly new artist for me. That being said, let’s get on with the review!

The album opens up with “MadNesS Vol. 1” and as an intro to her true debut album I think it works quite well. The title is definitely accurate as the song is all over the place but I think it serves it’s purpose on cluing you in on what’s to come.

Score – 8.5

The first MiChi song I really fell in love with, “PROMiSE“, follows and I am glad it remains unchanged.

Score – 9.5

I really thought that “ChaNge the WoRLd” was just OK at first but after giving it multiple listens I really fell in love with it. It ranks right up there with PROMiSE.

Score – 9

Get ready for this one. Why oh why did they change “YOY” to “Why oh Why”? I didn’t like YOY at first but lately I really got into it. The album version along with a new name comes a completely different sound. It’s slightly annoying and in my opinion is a huge downgrade from YOY. One thing that was interesting was that it sampled some vocalizing from some of MiChi’s songs. However that in no way saves this doozy.

Score – 7.5

HEy GirL” was originally the B-side of PROMiSE and I’m glad it makes an appearance on the album, in fact all of the B-sides from her singles are on the album.

Score – 9.5

KiSS KiSS xxx” was the first MiChi song that I heard and I am really glad that I did.

Score – 9

“RaiN” the first true new song on the album starts off with some light percussion and leads into a nice acoustic guitar. I liked the slightly lower key that MiChi sings in in the beginning. The chorus picks up the tempo just the slightest bit and I thought the structure really worked. The song is pretty short and after listening to it it almost feels bittersweet.

Score – 9

“Oh Oh…” started off good enough but I felt like the song didn’t really go anywhere. The song is completely in English, that being said I feel like the lyrics and attitude of the song didn’t really go with the music at all.

Score – 7.5

Yes! I finally get to hear the Bayonetta CM theme. “Something Missing” starts off pretty fast paced but just OK. Then the chorus comes in and it just makes the song in my opinion. I really liked the fast pace of the percussion in the background and the fact that other instruments are kept to a minimum. I loved MiChi’s vocalizing in the bridge section and that pause right before the final chorus.

Score – 9

One of a Kind” was the B-side of ChaNge the WoRLd and I didn’t really like it. At this point, I’m on the fence. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

Score – 7

WoNDeRLaND?” was the B-side of KiSS KiSS xxx and it instantly became one of my favorites.

Score – 9.5

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from “Shibuya de Punch” being the longest song on the album at 5:16. The song started with a real club feel and sound that I wasn’t really feeling. To a certain point parts of the song feel pretty retro. I think the only thing I liked in this song was the chorus, it really wasn’t bad when you compare it to the rest of the song. The ending is almost all instrumental and pretty random and seemed completely out of place, especially when you factor in all the other sounds that you hear during this section.

Score – 7

YOU” was the first slow song from MiChi and I really liked the change in pace.

Score – 9.5

The album closes with “UP TO YOU” its title track. It starts off with a blaring “1! 2! 3! 4!” and a real hard rock sound. At first I was confused, the song is almost “Fuck You And Your Money” but I quickly realized that it wasn’t. The melody is obviously derived from it but all the lyrics are different and it sounds completely different as well. I thought it was average but it manages to close the album off with a bang and a high note. I liked the key change in the end and the highly computerized vocals of the final chorus.

Score – 9

Final Note

UP TO YOU didn’t really live up to the hype (what ever does anyway?) but it did manage to impress me. Some of the songs were complete ear sores while others stood out. All I know is that it left me wanting more MiChi, if only to make up for a few songs that weren’t so good. All of MiChi’s B-sides were on the album and while I still like a couple of them I would like to hear more new music when it comes to her next album.

Overall Rating



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