Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review

This time, I wanted to completely finish a game’s storyline before I reviewed it. But, on the other hand, I didn’t want to rush things. Thankfully I didn’t have to. Granted Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is quite a meaty game I was so enthralled I just couldn’t put it down. On to the review!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, said: Three Five Eight Over Two, is an Action/Adventure, Role Playing Game for the Nintendo DS and it was released on September 29th.

Kingdom Hearts has always been, hands down, my favorite video game series ever. With this entry in the series nothing has changed that. Obviously the fact that it was in the Kingdom Hearts series was the first thing that caught my attention but there are multiple other reasons to pick up this game.


In this game you play as Roxas, Organization XIII’s number XIII. The game starts about the same time as the creation of Roxas which would be a little before the events of Kingdom Hearts comes to a close and a little before the events of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories begins. Anyone who has played the other entries of the series have a basic gist of what’s going on. However, because this is the story being directly played out in it’s own game, there are many mysteries that are revealed. Some questions that you never thought you’d have are answered and new mysteries arise.

Axel, Roxas, and Xion. This game is all about them.

Score – 9


In this game you go on daily missions given to you by the Organization. The missions themselves vary from defeating regular Heartless, taking down specific Heartless targets, doing reconnaissance on various worlds, or other forms of training. Like past entries you will travel to various Disney worlds, and while no new worlds are introduced the older worlds have many new areas that you have never seen before.

All controls are linked to the buttons of the DS with two configurations to choose from pick the one that suits you best. Still, the DS is a little limited as far as buttons are concerned so things can be a little awkward at times. As far as the touch screen goes, unless you are doing Panel arranging there won’t be much of a need for the stylus. Speaking of which, the Panel System is an all new, all purpose system. Installing panels that you obtain into empty slots gives you abilities, magic, weapons, items, and even levels. All of the growth in the game is linked to this Panel System.

Even with suitable controls, flying in Neverland was difficult.

Score – 9


First of all, this has got to be one of the best looking titles on the platform. The game feature nearly full 3D graphics and PS2 quality cutscenes with voice acting. There are occasional slow downs when the action gets intense but this happens rarely (the slow downs, the game is full of action ;D ).

Score – 9.5

Final Note

For Kingdom Hearts fans, this game is a must. As for skeptics of the series, you may appreciate the lack of interaction with the Disney characters of the worlds. In the end “Every heart returns to the Darkness whence it came!” (LOL JK) But seriously, in the end, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a solid title with many strengths that, for me, outweighed any weaknesses it might have had.

Overall Rating



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