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PSP goPSP go Review

When news of the PSP go was first leaked out I was a bit skeptical at first. I thought that it wasn’t really something that I wanted. Then of course it was officially announced and all of the details were revealed. All I knew was that I had a broken PSP and this was going to be the newest PSP model coming out.

Let’s start off with the basics. The PSP go has a radically new design, it slides up and down, revealing or hiding, most of the main buttons. The biggest notable feature about the PSP go is that it is completely digital, as it does not have a UMD drive. Therefore it comes with 16 GB of internal memory. Bluetooth capabilities have been added and then memory format is now Memory Stick Micro M2. While the device is radically smaller while closed and lighter than the original PSP it sacrifices .5” in screen size. At $250 the price is quite high and in some countries it costs as much as the PS3 console costs now.

As of now I am disappointed that there is to somehow use your old UMDs with the PSP go. At first Sony was talking about some kind of transfer system for UMDs but in the end it never materialized. Thankfully I do still have my broken PSP which, as long as I’m connected to a TV, plays my old UMDs just fine.


Completely Digital: It is nice to think that at some point I will be carrying around just my PSP go and be able to access most of my favorite PSP titles.

Bluetooth: With the addition of bluetooth capabilities you can now connect a PS3 controller to the PSP go and play any game with it.

Design: I really liked the design of the system and for $250 the PSP go does truly look like a “premium” device.

“Pause Game”: The PSP go features a “Pause Game” function that let’s you pause the game you’re currently playing, go back to the XMB and pretty much do anything you want. You can watch movies, listen to music, go on the internet, and even access the PlayStation Store. It makes it almost as if you have a save point anywhere in your game.


Buttons: Some things about the buttons are a little annoying. First off the Analog Nub is quite small, I would say about 50% smaller than other PSP’s. Right now, it doesn’t feel as comfortable as using the Nub on the other PSPs. The buttons on the top of the system are hidden when the screen is up so adjusting the volume and display on the fly is a little more difficult. And maybe it’s just me but I think the “Start” button should be above the “Select” button, not the other way around.

Completely Digital: Yes I know this is also in the “Likes” list but it really is a double edged sword. I like my boxes. I like having the game’s box and the little instruction booklet that comes inside. Somehow having that physical product is satisfying.

Screen Size: I know it’s .5” difference but that’s just the thing. I would have loved it if the screen was the same size and I feel like the reduction in size would have still been substantial, even with the same size screen.

In the end, I like my PSP go, it’s a really cool device that is quite cutting edge in it’s completely digital nature. However there is just something about the original PSP. Right now, as I’m thinking about it, I kind of want to, in the future, buy a new PSP Slim. I had a PSP Slim for the  longest time and I loved it, I still love the one I have, broken screen and everything. When it comes down to it, thinking of myself playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, I see myself playing on the system with the biggest screen and the most comfortable button layout: The PSP Slim.




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