Bayonetta Demo Review

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Bayonetta Demo

Well, the Bayonetta Demo hit the Japanese PlayStation Store and of course I jumped at the chance to finally get my turn with this sexy witch. While I was really excited to try the demo out as far as gameplay, controls, etc went, I was even more interested in seeing how it looked.

Recently there have been reports of the PS3 version falling a bit short of the 360 version as far as visuals go. It was later reported that the PS3 version is in fact a port. Now I couldn’t compare the game side by side although I might try playing the demo on the 360 a little later if I can get a hold of it. Having said that I didn’t see many issues with the PS3. Everything looked pretty clean and not as bad as some reports made it out to be. Now like I said, I haven’t seen the 360 version for myself so we will see.

Bayonetta plays a lot like Devil May Cry but that is to be expected. But it is definitely not just an estrogen powered DMC. It is in fact it’s own game bringing many new and exciting elements to the table. All of Bayonetta’s combos are pretty sleek. Of course I always have issues with pulling of really interesting and cool combos but that’s just me. Anyway during combat their is the usual fare of jumping punching kicking and shooting but when an enemy attacks and you dodge just right you’ll enter Witch Time. Everything but Bayonetta will slow down allowing you to perform at least one full powerful combo on an unsuspecting enemy for maximum damage. The Torture Attacks are pretty nifty as well as Bayonetta will summon up a plethora of torture devices to instantly finish off foes.

As of now, I would say so far so good. Bayonetta seems to be one of those game that really delivers. I’m still not completely sold on it but that’s to be expected. I’m a picky bitch ❤


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