Bayonetta: 360 vs PS3

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By now, mostly everyone is aware that Bayonetta was made for the 360 and basically ported off to the PS3. Is this the first time this has happened? No, probably not. However, by now it’s really beginning to bug me. The game has always been touted as “multi-platform” and yes, it is playable on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Recently there has been news that the PS3 version appears to be lagging behind the 360 version as far as graphics, frame rate, etc goes. Is this a direct result of the game being converted to PS3 rather than being built for it from the ground up? Sure it saves money, but in the end you have a sub par experience playing on PS3 rather than 360. This all really came to a head when Famitsu released it’s review on Bayonetta for both platforms. The 360 version of the game got a perfect 40 out of 40. The PS3 version didn’t fare so well with a 38 out of 40. A strong score still, however it is the same exact game we’re talking about. Or is it? Clearly, if it was, it would no doubt receive the same scores, no? I think it really says something about a company that is willing to do this with a new and fairly strong IP. I mean, it says something about any company that is willing to release a game with watered down textures, frame rate drops and such. Clearly the product isn’t all there, it is clearly unfinished. Way too often are things like this ignored, or company’s simply think they can release a defective product and later release a patch to correct it. This is a trend that I think needs to stop, however I don’t really see an end in sight very soon. There is nothing wrong with having the game on both platforms. In my opinion, the wrong thing is the fact that one version of the game has to suffer because of it.


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