Loads of New Birth by Sleep Updates

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Wow in just about a day a lot of new information has come out and new content has been revealed for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. First off we have a bunch of new scans detailing more about the Land of Departure which will be the main character’s starting world. We also get to see some more details on the Enchanted Dominion (Hooray Prince Phillip) and even more details about the game board thingy… yes I am still unsure what exactly to call it.

BBS Famitsu Scan 1BBS Famitsu Scan 2BBS Famitsu Scan 3BBS Famitsu Scan 4BBS Famitsu Scan 5BBS Famitsu Scan 6

Famitsu also uploaded a few high quality screenshots included in the scans. One features Aqua with 3 of what looks to be the lucky charm that Kairi gives Sora, which ends up being his keychain for the Oathkeeper Keyblade. The others feature Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort speaking with Terra.

BBS Famitsu Screen 1BBS Famitsu Screen 2BBS Famitsu Screen 3

To top it all off, the official site has updates it’s “Worlds” and “System” sections. The “System” section has some really interesting tidbits but probably the biggest update is the fact that in the “Movies” section they have released the Tokyo Game Show 2009 Trailer!

This has to be the best trailer released so far. I mean… that opening track? Simply amazing. Everything really, from the scenes shown, character’s revealed and the music. If it’s possible, I am so much more excited for this game now.

Also announced was the official release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in Japan.

January 9, 2010

Official Japanese Website


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  1. This Video is so fantastic and amazing.I am planing for buy this game it has some good playing flow best things in this game is The character look is so funny.

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