Special Recommendation Review: Namie Amuro – PAST < FUTURE

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Namie Amuro – PAST < FUTURE




4. Bad Habit

5. Steal my Night



8. Dr.

9. Shut Up


11. The Meaning Of Us

12. Defend Love

Here is my “Special Recommendation Review” of Namie Amuro’s new album PAST < FUTURE. Big thanks to Selryam from What is DISCO? for recommending it to me. On with the review!

“FAST CAR” starts the album off great, it has such a unique sound. At first I was thrown off and thought the song was just OK, but after a few listens I really liked it. It’s crazy jazzy but still maintains a great pop atmosphere.

Score – 10

“COPY THAT” is an alright song with a kind of strange sound. It reminded of something that might accompany a spy movie. I didn’t really like the skipping repitition that was used in some parts but it only happened a few times. I thought the more urban closing  they used was pretty cool.

Score – 8

“LOVE GAME”, not to be confused with “LoveGame”, is a pretty sexy sounding song. It mainly features percussion, clapping, etc. and synths it up during the chorus. I really liked the sound of Namie’s voice during the entire song.

Score – 9

“Bad Habit” I felt, was one of the weaker songs on the album. It didn’t leave much of an impression on me and the arrangement was kind of wierd. It felt like there were too many different things trying to go on at once.

Score – 7.5

“Steal my Night” just reminded me of Bad Habit. It’s different, featuring mostly synth backed by constant clapping, but again it didn’t leave any kind of impression on me. One of the few interesting bits of this song was the middle eastern sounding string instrument used sporadically throughout the song.

Score – 7

“FIRST TIMER feat. DOBERMAN INC” features a bit of Hip Hop which, I just can’t help but not like at all. The rapping bits were painful for me to listen to, especially the extended rap in the middle of the song. The rest of the song was OK, if only a little bit long. This song would have been great without DOBERMAN INC.

Score – 7.5

“WILD” was one of the first songs I heard from PAST < FUTURE, back when it was released as a double A-side with Dr. I thought it was alright then, but now I find it pretty sexy and it’s a fun track to listen to.

Score – 10

While I did happen to listen to WILD I never listened to “Dr.” before. I found the arrangement to be a bit wierd but I still enjoyed listening to it. I especially enjoyed the chorus and found the bridge, which is incredibly different from the rest of the song, kind of like a breath of fresh air.

Score – 10

“Shut Up” is a pretty cool song and I actually enjoyed the repeating of “shut up” in the chorus. I loved the quick slowed down synthy bit of the bridge.

Score – 8.5

“MY LOVE” has a kind of American sound to it that I’m just too used to and I think it kept me from fully enjoying this song. It’s not generic per se but sounds like it is. I thought the repitition at the end was not neccasary.

Score – 8.5

I really loved “The Meaning Of Us”. I loved the soft vocals accompanied by just piano in the beginning. The song features strong vocals overall but toned down music which I thought made for a great effect. The Meaning Of Us is easily one of my favorite tracks off the album.

Score – 10

The album closes with “Defend Love” which is a fast paced song with some pretty great beats. I found the song very catchy. A calmer piano bridge is featured and I liked how the closing of the song just jumped right in after the bridge ends.

Score – 10

Final Note

I’ll admit I don’t normally listen to Namie Amuro but after listening to PAST < FUTURE I found some songs that I really liked; FAST CAR, LOVE GAME, WILD, Dr., Shut Up, The Meaning Of Us, and Defend Love. Most of the tracks I liked outweighed any that I didn’t really enjoy. PAST < FUTURE is definitely a solid album from a strong artist. I think now, I’ll definitely be on the look out for new music from Namie.

Overall Rating



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