Famitsu Scores Birth by Sleep with 37/40

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In its latest issue, Famitsu has awarded Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep a 37 out of 40. This makes it the second highest Famitsu scored Kingdom Hearts game since Kingdom Hearts II, which scored a 39 out of 40. Here’s the review…

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-

In this latest game in the series, Terra, Ven and Aqua journey through the worlds of Disney movies. In this game you can strengthen your Commands by use of a board game.

Target audience
– All gamers
– Series fans
– Disney fans

Play length
– 15 hours per character
– 100 hours to complete everything


10 – Each character had their own story and events, and I was able to play through this each time with a fresh feeling. The battles can be quite exciting if you can get into the game system and play through them strategically. All I can say about the graphics and music is that they are superb. The dice game and other mini games were excellent. I have no complaints.

9 – The growth system is excellent. It gets very fun to fiddle around with it and decide how you want to make your character. There are tons of different abilities and attacks, and since some of them can change in battle, so even if you can use them easily battles never became boring. I felt satisfied with the completeness of the story, and being able to see through the eyes of all three characters. Starting the Command Board, all the game elements were flawless.

9 – Firstly, I was quite impressed by the amount of story they had, viewed through the eyes of three characters. The creation of stages for each character was nicely done. There were a variety of easily manipulated attacks that made the battles quite exciting. I was quite happy that the Command Board was not just for playing, but also for strengthening your Commands. This is a great game for people who are interested in the world of this series.

9 – With three different character types to choose from, as well as many different Commands and Styles, there was an amazing variety with what you can do in battles. When the Commands you can use increases, you can choose your own way of fighting the battles which gives a nice feeling of freedom. The boss battles were quite lively and exciting, and you can have fun with the direction of them.


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