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1. Jump

2. Infinity

3. Winter Crystal

4. Sora e

5. Tri△ngle

6. Seeds of Dream

7. Artemis

8. Orion

9. Mu Boubi na Junai

10. Suzukaze Kaoru Hana

11. sa. ku. ra

12. Be your wings

13. Koi no Mahou


This is Girl Next Door’s much anticipated second album. The only thing “Girl Next Door” I got to review, on the blog, ever, was Orion. So bear with me as I might want to analyze the older tracks a bit more than I normally would, I’ll try not to though. On to the review.

The first thing I noticed about “Jump” was that it had this fun retro kind of sound to it that I don’t really think GND’s other songs have had. I really liked the higher energy of the chorus, and this song displays some points where Chisa’s vocals have improved. I thought Jump was a great way to start the album off.

Score – 8.5

Jump leads right into “Infinity” which has to be one of GND’s best songs. I really like the quick pace beats in this song and the “Whoa whoa’s” that lead into the chorus and especially when they continue on into the last chorus and the end of the song. The slowed down part of the bridge featuring piano was a nice little addition to the song.

Score – 9

Oh no, another “Winter” song! Although in all honesty “Winter Crystal” is not that bad, it’s actually pretty great. I really liked Chisa’s vocals in this song, especially during the chorus, it’s nice to see her changing it up. There is a mixture of old and new sounds in this song and I thought that it worked really well.

Score – 8

Right off the bat I realized that “Sora e” has a really unique sound. For some reason though the very few seconds reminded me of “Venus” (Koda Kumi). Along with that, it had a kind of fresh atmosphere, almost like a summer-type song.

Score – 8

I found Tri△ngle to be quite intriguing. It had this arena type sound to it and, the title being reminiscent of Perfume, was more electronic compared to most other GND songs. The chorus features these outer space type sounds, I don’t know how else to explain it. It all works though, I thought it was great.

Score – 8

I happen to really like “Seeds of Dream” and find it’s high energy really refreshing. I really liked the building up right before the chorus and I thought that the chorus flows really nicely.

Score – 8.5

I was really looking forward to “Artemis” and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. At 3:52 it really surprised me as I thought it was going to be much shorter. This instrumental features beautiful strings and piano and has unique GND melodies. There definitely were some parts of this song that were reminiscent of their last albums instrumental “Next Door” but I think it made this song that much greater. The song ends with a short instrumental of Orion which again is simply beautiful.

Score – 9

I found “Orion” to be really great and it fills a gap in the GND world where fast paced songs reign. In the future I really hope to hear more songs like this and my all time GND favorite: Jyonetsu no Daisho.

Score – 9

“Mu Boubi na Junai” was also very unique and features sounds we haven’t heard from GND before. This is probably one of my favorite tracks off the album simply for that fact.

Score – 8.5

“Suzukaze Kaoru Hana” is a very short but sweet instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar and it opens up for the song sa. ku. ra.

Score – 7.5

When “sa. ku. ra” first started I had high hopes for it with its slow pace and Asian influences. Unfortunately for me, the song seemed to really drag which wasn’t helped at all by the fact that the song is in fact 6:48. However, the song does feature a really pretty chorus.

Score – 7.5

I always thought “Be your wings” was lacking as far as FRIENDSHIP goes on the original single however, after listening to it on the album I have a new respect for it. I still like FRIENDSHIP more though.

Score – 8

“Koi no Mahou” was a little weird for me, I’m not really sure why, the song was good but I just couldn’t get into it, and I don’t have a lot to say about it.

Score – 7.5

“FRIENDSHIP” closes the album and like I said before, I think it was the stronger track of its original single. I mean the CM for NEXT FUTURE only features FRIENDSHIP, not Be your wings or Wait for you.Regardless, I really liked the pace and energy of this song and I thought, in perfect contrast to Jump,  it was a perfect way to end the album

Score – 9

Final Note

I was really pleased with NEXT FUTURE and though it was a valiant sophomore album effort. The album features a lot more variety than GND’s first album did. It also shows off many improvements. As far as new tracks go, I really liked Jump, Winter Crystal, Sora e, Tri△ngle, Artemis, and Mu Boubi na Junai. I know the reasons why people don’t like GND so much so please give those songs a chance if nothing else.

Overall Rating



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