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1. This Is Who I Am


3. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo)


5. interlude #1

6. is this love

7. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~

8. interlude #2

9. Neko Love

10. The End Soshite and… (album ver.)

11. Possibility duet with Daichi Miura

12. Fallin’

13. my all

OK, so here it is, my review of IDENTITY if ANY of you care anymore considering I slacked off on it for so long. To be honest, the only reason I can give was that I didn’t think it was that good and so I had to force myself to write about it. Again, sorry it took so long.

“This Is Who I Am” kind of sounds like a rip off of some other Japanese songs mashed together. Mainly, I really just got serious Ayumi Hamasaki vibes. Unlike any of the Ayu songs I thought it sounded like, I just found it to be a very uninspiring sounding song. I thought the vocals sounded a little strange throughout and I just really couldn’t get used to it. This song wasn’t really a good way to start an album that I was already skeptical.

Score – 6.5

My only issue with EASY is that it seemed to draw from one of her English songs except it lost any emotion and the way she sings in it, it just sounds really awkward and drags. I really just don’t know what she was going for with those kinds of vocals.

Score – 6.5

When I first listened to “BUMP BUMP!” I really didn’t like it and actually decided to skip it and start reviewing BoA’s singles with Mamoritai ~White Wishes~. However, I will say that that judgement was way too harsh and this song is really not too bad. I really don’t like the rapping, as little as their is, but it doesn’t take too much from it. This song samples some of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, which at first I thought was a little cheesy but it ended up working well.

Score – 7.5

For some reason I got some serious Lady Gaga vibes from “LAZER”. Nothing really wrong with that considering I love Lady Gaga. I kind of liked the creepier electronic feel that this song has. Unfortunately, a few of the vocals still sound a little dead.

Score – 7

“interlude #1” just sounded kind of silly with a few footsteps, and at 9 seconds I just didn’t see any real point for it.

Score – 4

I feel like “is this love” could have been a pretty good track if everything was kicked up a few notches. The vocals, the sound and beats just need to all be ramped up. I’m not saying this slower track needs to be turned into a dance track or something but again the song just drags a little and needs more emotion.

Score – 7

Like I said in the review, “Mamoritai ~White Wishes~” is a nice song but at the same time a little bit of a let down when it comes to the chorus. I liked BoA’s vocals in it and it still manages to be a good mid-tempo track.

Score – 7.5

“interlude #2” was even more pointless at 4 second. The first two seconds are silence! I actually thought that it was part of the next song Neko Love and that my player somehow accidentally skipped over it.

Score – 1

I’m not sure what’s going on with “Neko Love”, but it kind of sounds funny. I mean, Cat Love? Regardless, I didn’t find too much wrong with it and I did like when the beats picked up but I didn’t particularly love the whole song itself.

Score – 7

The End Soshite and… (album ver.)” is a little different in that it adds a little intro bit that wasn’t in the original. I liked that and my only complaint with this song is that it can drag a little sometimes. But getting past that, I tend to enjoy listening to it.

Score – 8

“Possibility duet with Daichi Miura” is a song on this album that actually does almost everything right. It’s got a really good sound and beat, and BoA’s vocals actually have some emotion in them. On a related note, I really liked the sound of this Daichi Miura’s voice who I’ve never heard of.

Score – 8

“Fallin'” had a different kind of sound going for it being pretty electronic down to some synthed up vocals. I liked it, and I liked the repition in the chorus even if it was a little simple. My only complaint is that I wish it would be a little faster.

Score – 7.5

“my all” is meant to end the album off on a bit of a softer note but it feels a little strange after Fallin’. I was really hoping she would pull it together and give something to end the album off clean with but once again, it just doesn’t hit the mark.

Score – 6

Final Note

I like BoA, but I feel like this was an album with maybe 2 or 3 good songs and the rest were all… I don’t know, C-sides? The production quality just didn’t seem to be up to par on a lot of these songs, and considering it was self-produced, well, that says something unfortunately. I was just really let down, after listening to it and I feel that BoA needs to step things up next time. This album was utterly forgettable.

Overall Rating



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