the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY

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the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY


2. Spring Gate

3. at light speed (“Sono Speed De” English ver.)

the brilliant green is back with another comeback single! Horrah! But I hear this time they are actually going to come out with a new album. After finally getting to listen to LIKE YESTERDAY I forgot how much I missed the sound of Tomoko Kawase’s voice.

“LIKE YESTERDAY” starts off mid-tempo with acoustic guitar and some lower vocals from Tommy, electric guitar joins soon after. I really liked the chorus and the bridge which features prominent electric guitar and Tommy just vocalizing. I also liked the quieter part after that features some slight clapping. Altogether I guess you could say I really liked this song.

Score – 8.5

If I really liked LIKE YESTERDAY, I think I love “Spring Gate”. I’m not sure why really, although I really liked the feel the chorus gave. The songs tempo is a little faster than LIKE YESTERDAY and it has more going on for the entire song rather than certain parts. I really liked the note held by Tommy at the end and thought it was a great closing to the song.

Score – 9

I’ve never heard Sono Speed De, so when it came to the English version “at light speed”, I didn’t have anything to go by. As far as being in English, I think Tommy has gotten a little better but there are plenty of times where I don’t really know what she is saying. I’m on the fence about everything but the chorus which I thought was done really well, although Tommy’s vocals can sound a little funny at times.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

This was good, but I can only hope for better things to come.

Overall Rating



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