Starters, Region, and Protagonists Revealed *UPDATE*

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As expected, a scan of CoroCoro magazine has leaked onto the net revealing the starters, the name of the new region and what the protagonists really look like.

The new region seems to be called Isshu and it is apparently very far from the other regions. Also the magazine states that the protagonists are now older than they used to be in past games (this has been something I’ve wanted for a while 😛 ). And those are the starters whose names are Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru respectively. I’m assuming that goes in order, so it seems I was wrong about Tsutaja and Pokabu, being a fire type and grass type respectively. Although I new there was a very good chance that Tsutaja would be grass type based off of it’s tail. Anyway, enjoy this, I hope to have more information soon. Anybody else getting as excited as I am for Black and White? 😀


More scans and more information, isn’t this exciting?

Along with this, some new information has surfaced. Tsutaja is an ivy snake, Pokabu is a fire pig, and Mijumaru is a sea otter.

There will be a city called Hiun City and all evidence points to it being the round city on the sea that has been shown thus far.

Based off of Zoroark’s abilities in the movie, I speculated that it would have a move or ability quite like Transform and it turn out that I was right. Zoroark will have an ability called Illusion, this allows it to transform into different Pokemon. No other details are available so how this differs from the move Transform remains to be seen. The mag also talks about a means of capturing a Zoroark by transferring the movie Entei, Suicune, and Raikou given out in Japan to your Black and White game. It is unknown if you can simply catch Zorua or Zoroark in the wild or this just happens to be a special Zoroark.

2 new moves are being reported also, Trickery and Claw Sharpen. Trickery will deal damage based on the opponents stats, while claw sharpen will simultaneously raise Attack and Accuracy.


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