North American Birth by Sleep Release Date Announcement Extravaganza

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The North American release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has been recently announced and along with it some new details have emerged. First things first, Birth by Sleep will be released on Tuesday September 7th, 2010. It’s a bit farther than I would have hoped for but what’s done is done I suppose. Second, a PSP bundle has been announced for it. All the usual suspects apply with one exception, unfortunately, this PSP 3000 is simply a regular one, not a specially designed Birth by Sleep edition PSP, again, that is too bad but oh well.

On top of all this a trailer has been circulating lately, but in all honesty, many people thought it was a fake trailer, even though it seemed quite official. Only now do we have proof that it is real.

Square also had this to say in their press release

An outstanding voice cast: KINGDOM HEARTS fans will surely be in for one unforgettable experience, thanks to an impressive voice cast featuring the talents of Mark Hamill, Willa Holland, Jesse McCartney, Leonard Nimoy and James Woods, among others

Given the trailer, it would seem that Leonard Nimoy is voicing Master Xehanort. If I had to guess I would assume Willa Holland is voicing Aqua, and as much as it pains me to say this, it seems as though Mark Hamill might be voicing Terra. There’s nothing wrong with him, I just wish that had someone who was a bit closer to Terra’s age. But I will forestall all real judgement until I hear the voices themselves.


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