New CoroCoro Scans

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As expected, CoroCoro’s upcoming issue has been leaked and here are the scans to prove it.

It would seem that Zekrom is Electric/Dragon, known as the Black Yin Pokemon, and Reshiram is Fire/Dragon, known as the White Yang Pokemon. Well, there goes my hopes for a new type 😦  They could still surprise us but I kind of doubt it, I was really hoping Reshiram would be a new “Light” type. Oh well, as you can see on the third page, they show what the entire Isshu region will look like.

New Pokemon:

Gear: the Gear Pokemon. It is Steel.

Mamepato: the Baby Pigeon Pokemon. It is Normal/Flying

Munna: the Dream Eater Pokemon. It is Psychic.

Chiramii: the Chinchilla Pokemon. It is Normal.

Other Details:

The new professor is a woman Yay for equality XD Her name is Dr. Araragi. You can also see the new Pokedex.

New Pokemon:

Hihidaruma: the Flaming Pokemon. It is Fire.

Shimama: the Charged Pokemon. It is Electric.

Meguroko: the Desert Crocodile Pokemon. It is Ground/Dark

Other Details:

By trading the movie Celebi to Black or White you will be able to obtain a level 10 Zorua, how cute. It also seems as if the Pokemon walking with you feature introduced in HeartGold and SoulSilver might make a comeback.


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