Crystal Kay – FLASH

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Crystal Kay – FLASH

1. Intro -Genesis-


3. Victoria

4. Never say goodbye


6. I pray

7. Outro

This is Crystal Kay’s second mini album and it’s been quite a while since she has released anything so I have been waiting for this for ever. I’m so eager so let’s just get on to it shall we?

“intro -Genesis-” really feels as if it’s preparing you for something epic, there’s strings and even a Latin chorus singing that’s pretty cliché lately but I have no problem with that here, it’s a bit different for the music industry.

Score – 8

So I’m just guessing that FLASH is a dive into a more electronic sound for Crystal because as soon as “FLASH” starts it sounds a bit different than any other of Crystal’s songs mostly because of it’s high synth content, it’s a nice change though. The songs got a good beat and sounds pretty hot. I found the chorus to be the best part of the song, and the other parts being just kind of OK.

Score – 8.5

The synth continues with “Victoria” which, if I thought FLASH was hot, Victoria is even more hot. Everything from the way the chorus sounds to Crystal’s vocals throughout the whole song, I loved it all.

Score – 9

“Never say goodbye” continues the electronic sound. It’s a nice sounding song with a pretty good beat along with Kay’s slower, almost toned down vocals. It’s like this song is a mixture of the first and second parts of the album, it makes for a really great transition. I really liked the faster sung English section towards the end, it really gave this song a little extra something.

Score – 7.5

The electronic part of the mini album is over and onto “Happy” a cover of a Michael Jackson song, which, given the “I love you Michael” Crystal says in the beginning, is a tribute to him. It’s a slower song, all in English, and pretty piano heavy. Crystal sings the song quite well, I’m not one for MJ but I was pleased with this.

Score – 7

“I pray” continues the slow pace and is probably the only R&B song on this mini album which some people would probably find shocking coming from Crystal Kay. I really liked I pray, Crystal’s vocals are top notch and sound really beautiful along the beats and acoustics. It reminded me of a few of the other slower Crystal Kay songs but I’ve no problem with that, the ones I’m reminded of are just as great.

Score – 9.5

The “outro” ends the mini album on an incredibly soft note which I though was such a great contrast from the brazen opening. It’s just simple piano backed by strings actually borrowing a bit of the melody from I pray. There are sounds like children playing outside, perhaps in a park, you can hear them laughing and things like a swing set squeaking among other things. It’s really simple yet beautiful, there’s also some soft beautiful vocalizing from Crystal. It’s so short, but this is honestly one of the best endings to a mini album or even an album that I’ve ever heard.

Score – 9.5

Final Note

I really approve of FLASH as it’s a great change of pace giving how electric those first few songs are. My favorites here, the standouts to me, were Victoria and I pray. I was expecting just a little more, but I’m happy with what I got, it is still just a mini album after all.  I really hope to see more of Crystal Kay soon.

Overall Rating



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  1. This was a great mini-album. I love the direction that Crystal Kay is heading with her music.

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