MiChi x the telephones – WoNdeR WomaN

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MiChi x the telephones – WoNdeR WomaN

1. WoNdeR WomaN

2. Strong MAN

3. WoNdeR WomaN (T.O.M remix)

4. WoNdeR WomaN (Instrumental)

5. Strong MAN (Instrumental)

MiChi follows up quickly with another single but unfortunately, my feelings are mixed. Well they aren’t that mixed, I do like the song but I could do without some things.

WoNdeR WomaN definitely has a more aggressive rock sound than any of her past songs so I thought this was a nice change of pace. She partners up with a Japanese band called the telephones but quite frankly I’ve never heard of them. As usual, MiChi’s vocals are great but the telephones’ lead singer voice I do not like, it’s actually kind of annoying to me. I’m glad to see MiChi collaborating with someone but this song would have been much better to me if their singer had remained silent XD

Score – 6.5

“Strong MAN” has a good grungy sounding guitar going on in it. There are certain elements that I liked about it, the chorus being one of those. Unfortunately I thought that this was one of MiChi’s less remarkable B-sides, she normally has REALLY good B-sides but this just didn’t cut it for me.

Score – 8

Yay a remix >.> The “T.O.M remix” of WoNdeR WomaN is typically annoying and not really worth listening to in my opinion, remixes are all typically annoying but there are a few that are over the top annoying, this one is one of those. But everyone knows I’m biased because I hate remixes anyway.

Score – 5

I normally don’t comment on the instrumentals, but listening to the Strong MAN instrumental was actually enjoyable. I do like listening to the instrumentals of some songs occasionally, and this is one I’ll be listening to.

Final Note

My girl MiChi better step her game up 😛

Overall Rating



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