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Koda Kumi – Gossip Candy

1. Lollipop

2. Inside Fishbowl

3. Outside Fishbowl

4. For you

*Bonus Track*

5. Got to Be Real

This is Kumi’s first single since the release of her 8th album and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a summery type of single. It’s similar to Ayumi’s Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL single in that two songs on this single are basically the same, but with a slightly different sound and lyrics.

First we have “Lollipop”. The title makes me think of Lick me❤ But while Lick me❤ isn’t that dirty and has a sugary pop sound, Lollipop is pretty sexy sounding both in the music and especially when Kumi says in English “Lick my lollipop” This song is pretty catchy and I’ve listened to it quite a few times over in a short amount of time.

Score – 0

Now we have the two similar tracks, “Inside Fishbowl” has a definite pop sound with higher vocals from Kumi, while “Outside Fishbowl” is a bit more rockish with a deeper sound. Personally I like the deeper, rocker-ish stuff that Kumi has been doing so I enjoyed Outside Fishbowl a little more… >.> Sorry I just can’t get over those titles XD I just don’t get them :S That being said, I found the songs mediocre at best and wish she has concentrated on just one version of a more summer type song. But I guess it is good to mix it up.

Score – 0

To change it up “For you” slows things down and is a ballad type song. I didn’t think much of the song, but once it got to the chorus I started to like it, it’s one of the stronger parts of this song. Other than that, I didn’t find anything amazing about the instrumental, it reminded me of slow American pop songs of the late 90’s XD

Score – 0

Now, for one of the best parts of this single, Kumi covers classic disco song “Got to Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn. When I first heard a snippet of this song in Kumi’s Pepsi Nex CM, I prayed she would release a full version and I got my wish 🙂 The instrumental is slightly modernized but the classic sound is still there. Kumi’s English here, compared to anything in the tracks beforehand, is a lot better surprisingly. Honestly, this was, in my opinion, the best song on the single.

Score – 0

All of the songs on this single had this kind of “throw-back” feel, if you will, but I kind of liked that aspect. Not to mention there is definitely a lot of variety here.

Score – 0

Final Note

Not bad Kumi, not bad.

Overall Rating



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  1. Loved the review! I happened to bump into it while searching for a possible list of disco songs by Kumi, and felt I had to comment because I think ‘Got to be real’ is the best track on the single too. Going back to my first point, I think it would be great if someone did that: a list of disco songs by Kumi. I can already think of some… Come with me, to be one, and of course Got to be real 🙂

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