Ayumi Hamasaki – MOON / blossom

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Ayumi Hamasaki – MOON / blossom

(This track listing is a culmination of all versions of the single)


2. blossom

3. Microphone (THE LOWBROWS remix)

4. Last Links (Orchestra Version)

5. Don’t look back (Reggae Disco Rockers Remix)

6. meaning of Love (Acoustic Piano Version)

7. MOON (Instrumental)

8. blossom (Instrumental)

YAY! Finally this single is released, I have been waiting for it for so long 😛 This single marks the start of a “3 Single Project” from Ayumi, which I am really excited about. It all leads up to her 50th single!

“MOON” is a really powerful rock-ish ballad. Coming off of Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, it really reminded me of Last Links instantly, which was a good thing, Last Links was by far one of my most favorite album tracks.  I really liked the calming intro that is suddenly interrupted by blaring electric guitar as the rest of the instruments come in. The lyrics are really good and made the song just that much better for me. The chorus is great as well, feeling especially powerful by the way Ayumi sings it.

Score – 9

As soon as I heard blossom in it’s respective CM I was instantly in love with it and wanted to hear the whole thing. Just a small detail that I liked about blossom was the short and soft piano intro and outro. As much as I wish it sounded all around more happy, I kind of like the darker vibes I got from it. This is due to the electric guitar used throughout, especially during the bridge where it reminded me of the fairyland bridge. Even though I say that, I think it’s still a bit different from other “summer songs” Ayumi has put out in the past. Just a small detail that I liked about blossom was the short and soft piano intro and outro. The chorus is really infectious too, I was running about my house like “SOSHITE BOKURA WAAAA ARU KI HAJIMETAAAA” XD OK I think I’ve gone on about blossom long enough 😛

Score – 8.5

So once again, even though it’s probably getting old, I will proclaim my hate for remixes. But this is another one of those exceptions ^o^ I can actually stand “THE LOWBROWS remix” of Microphone because it’s still maintains some semblance of a song. I didn’t love everything, like some of the “skipping” vocals, but it still has a  good beat and is fun to listen to. I thought that the new beat and melody went well with the vocals too.

Score – 7

One of my favorite tracks off Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus gets an epic upgrade. The “Orchestra Version” of Last Links is just stunning. It adds some of the most beautiful strings I’ve ever heard, some harp and a little percussion. The last chorus when everything comes together, brought a tear to my eye. I never wanted this to end.

Score – 9

Don’t look back was already a unique song for Ayu, and the “Reggae Disco Rockers Remix” makes it even more unique, giving it a completely new, Reggae sound. There’s some synth mixed in here as well, all together, the music melded with the vocals really well. I don’t normally like anything Reggae, but this kind of tropical sound made for a really nice listen.

Score – 7.5

meaning of Love already had piano in it, but the “Acoustic Piano Version” of it nixes all other instruments and sounds and boosts the piano quite a bit. It’s more intricate, and makes the song sound a bit softer and sweeter. I always like the keys used in the chorus and the song as a whole so this was enjoyable, but I like the original a bit more.

Score – 8

Final Note

MOON and blossom were great remixes were awesome, couldn’t ask for more, this was a hell of a way to start this project and I hope it just goes up from here.

Overall Rating



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