Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

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Dragon Quest IX Review

From the PS2 to the Nintendo DS Dragon Quest jumps platforms in it’s latest iteration: Dragon Quest IX. I think it’s worth mentioning that the only other DQ game I played was Dragon Quest VIII and I wasn’t prepared to like it so much, but I did, so I have been eagerly anticipating IX.

Dragon Quest IX is an RPG for the Nintendo DS. It was made by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. It was released on July 11th.


The story is fairly basic and gets underway pretty quickly, you’re a Celestrian, a guardian angel if you will, and you are charged with protecting a town, things go awry, you lose your heavenly powers and must now work together with this fairy to make things right again. You (almost literally, as you can customize the main character) and a band of 3 other characters, who you can either have randomly generated or you can customize your own as well, will join you on your quest and help you kill the bad guys and set things right.

Score – 8


During your quest to regain your heavenly status, you will go around doing good deeds for people in need along with trying to meet your own goals. The world is fairly open, allowing you to go pretty much anywhere you want when you want to. Exploring the new areas ahead of time is great, and it also allows you to gain EXP and level up your characters almost however much you want until you decide to continue the story. Unlike past DQ games, there are no random encounters in DQIX. Enemies appear on the field and you can choose to fight them or not. However if an enemy sees you it might chase after you, but after a while, and once you become stronger, it might even run from you!

There’s a lot of stuff do to, along with the main quest, there are plenty of side quests you can undertake to keep you busy. Then there’s alchemy which allows you to mix items you already have to make brand new ones. This is a great way to get better weapons and equipment using things that you just happen to pick up from around.

There is a multi-player aspect to this game and it’s somewhat of a big draw for people. Unfortunately, I’m a pretty lonely kid (surprise) and I don’t know anyone else with the game, so I was unable to dabble with what I’m sure is a great part of this game :/

Score – 8


The transition from PS2 to DS was actually kind to DQIX. The game is a pretty awesome looking DS title. It’s mostly 3D but occasionally uses some 2D sprites and such. Even then, occasionally there are parts where the game will slow a bit. I noticed that this tends to happen when you have your whole party with you. I spent a good portion of the beginning alone and didn’t experience anything major, but as soon as I had a full party with me, things started to lag a bit, but only occasional. It’s really not that bad, but it is fairly noticeable, nothing to condemn the game for though.

Score – 9


Dragon Quest IX is a great game and it’s a really enjoyable experience. From the side quests to all the jobs and skills that you can learn, to the alchemy and all the weapons and armor you can collect that are actually represented on all of your character, not to mention the main story, there’s so much to do. The main quest itself is almost 40 hours long giving you plenty to do. There’s a really high value that comes with this game and I’m sure it’s something that fans of Dragon Quest have come to expect. I would easily recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun and full portable adventure.

Final Score



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