Perfume – VOICE

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Perfume – VOICE


2. 575

3. VOICE (Instrumental)

4. 575 (Instrumental)

“VOICE” is a cute song with cute vocals from the girls. A little bit of the synth was interesting but the rest was fairly typical. It felt a little long, to the point of seeming to drag a little bit at the end. Other than that, I have nothing really that bad to say, but nothing that good either. It’s a decent track.

Score – 6

I will say I like “575” a lot more than VOICE, but unfortunately, it’s a little flawed. It’s a really cool song in general, it starts off really great with a good beat and calm vocals. The chorus was really great featuring a really nice sounding string in the background and it was fairly catchy. Here’s where it gets weird, as soon as the chorus ends the beat changes and Kashiyuka starts rapping, I shit you not. It’s not that bad actually but just felt a little out of place, not to mention the transition from the rap sections to the regular verses just seem strange. The final chorus features an extra set of beats that I thought actually detracted from the song.

Score – 7.5


VOICE was OK, and I liked 575 but it would have been perfect if those extra things weren’t there :/ Less is more as they say.





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  1. Being a 575 lover, I’ll have to disagree XD
    Although rap is really a faraway universe for Perfume, I feel that they pulled it off quite well in the B-Side.
    But I totally agree with your opinions on Voice. On the other hand, the PV was fun!

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, I really really like 575 and after a few more listens, I actually kind of like the rap 🙂 Kashiyuka is my favorite anyway xD

      And yeah, I agree the PV was really great. I always feel like mentioning good PVs in single reviews but never do. Maybe I’ll start.

      • haha~ i highly suggest mentioning the PV in your reviews – often they are high-quality, extremely creative works and it’s sad that a lot of reviewers don’t mention them as much as they should. xD
        You’re also a Yuka-lover?? Me too! 😀

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