the brilliant green – I Just Can’t Breathe

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the brilliant green – I Just Can’t Breathe

1. I Just Can’t Breathe

2. It Really Makes My Day!

3. Tsumetai Hana (Acoustic Version)

As soon as I started “I Just Can’t Breathe” I immediately realized it had a darker tone than recent songs released by the brilliant green, akin to Enemy, in recent years. I really liked it and it sounded like classic buriguri. It’s melancholic and acoustic and Kawase’s vocals are on the low side most of the time. The chorus was the best part and where things pick up a bit instrumentally. A great buriguri track in my opinion.

Score – 8.5

“It Really Makes My Day” switches it up as it’s a bit of an upbeat song. The melody itself was similar to that of Spring Gate which is a similar song in general, but I liked Spring Gate so that isn’t a bad thing. The lyrics are cute, but I just wish the chorus felt a little more involved, not a bad B-side.

Score – 7

This single ends with an acoustic version of an earlier buriguri song called “Tsumetai Hana”. The vocals are updated which is nice, and I really liked the more vulnerable sound this version gives the song.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

Not a bad release, but I want to see the brilliant green step it up just a bit.

Overall Rating



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