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Angela Aki – LIFE

1. Ai no Kisetsu

2. Kagayaku Hito

3. Every Woman’s Song

4. Sign

5. Remember Me

6. Unbreakable

7. What Are The Roses For?

8. Ai to Bansoukou

9. Mad Scientist

10. The Truth Is Like A Lie

11. Bop Bop Bop (Colors of Your Soul)

12. Haha Naru Daichi

13. LIFE

Here’s an album I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. Unfortunately, it was released the day after Birth by Sleep was released here in the US, in other words, I forgot about it and was/is too busy with Kingdom Hearts to review it. But I’ve managed to steal some time away now and will finally begin my review.

Also worth a mention is the fact that this album is half-Japanese and half-English, meaning 6 Japanese songs, 6 English songs, and then the title track, LIFE, which, unfortunately for my desire for perfect symmetry, is not a half-English, half-Japanese song itself.

The album starts off with “Ai no Kisetsu“, the first single Angela released for this album and it was the first single I was able to review from her for the blog. I thought really positive things when it was first released, and not that I don’t like it now, but it has been quite a while since it was, I’m kind of over it. It’s still a good song though.

Score – 7.5

Next is the 2nd and final single she released for this album, “Kagayaku Hito“. This one is at least a bit newer and Angela switched it up by playing acoustic guitar rather than her trademark piano. I thought it was an awesome change but would have liked the guitar to have been a bit more intricate.

Score – 7

The first new track of the album is “Every Woman’s Song”. As the title suggests, it is very “women” centric as far as the lyrics go 😛 It’s all good though, they were nice, and if I was a woman I would probably love the song even more, it’s a pretty nice track. It’s on the slower side and the album starts of crawling with these 3 songs.

Score – 7.5

“Sign” is everything I hoped it would be and it picks the albums pace up by a lot. I liked that it started of with electric guitar and piano first, with percussion joining in by the second verse, the pre-chorus builds up and everything suddenly comes together in the chorus which is awesome and catchy. Sign acts as the “Answer” or “Again” of this album 😛

Score – 9

Things slow back down again for “Remember Me” which is a really pretty song, featuring mostly piano and light strings. I thought the song, which nice, was just kind of OK, however Angela’s vocalizing and the high bridge, along with the key change in the final chorus make the ending more memorable.

Score – 8

I really liked “Unbreakable” mostly for its lyrics and overall arrangement.

“Outside my window, one wishing star

make me one unbreakable heart.

Just one unbreakable heart.”

I liked that piano was more of a focus here but I don’t mind the electric guitar and percussion that mostly accompany the chorus.

Score – 8.5

I’m calling it right now, “What Are The Roses For?” is my favorite song off of this album. The song is all piano and a lone violin. Angela’s going through the gifts that she’s receiving; roses, diamonds, kisses, wondering what they are for, since no special occasion is calling for them. I really liked the story being told, and could somewhat tell what it was about right away, one of my favorite line being:

“Your lips taste of secrets, and a hint of regret, so what are these kisses for?”

I really liked the how softly it ended, and without a true resolution lyrically. Angela’s vocalizing as the song just kind of comes to a soft close was truly great.

Score – 10

“Ai to Bansoukou” starts off with the chorus, softly and then all the instruments come in with a grand arrangement. I liked the way the lyrics were sung especially the way Angela holds the few words of the pre-chorus. The songs outro is really nice.

Score – 9.5

One of the most unique songs on the album is the next, “Mad Scientist”. It features really fun piano with electric guitar and percussion coming in after the first verse. The lyrics are akin to the title, the beginning even features sounds effects like something bubbling in a beaker. Honestly, the chorus disappointed me a little bit, I also thought that the song would have been just fine with piano. I loved the playful sounding bridge, and at the very end, the piano ends alongside a fairly unnerving shriek xD

Score – 10

“The Truth Is Like A Lie” is a fairly sad sounding song and mostly piano centric. Unfortunately it didn’t keep my attention as much as past songs of this nature, making it a little forgettable for me. It isn’t bad, but there will be other songs you’ll be listening to on LIFE.

Score – 8

“Bop Bop Bop (Colors of Your Soul)” is a nice and upbeat song that had a fun and catchy chorus, though, like The Truth Is Like A Lie, there are other Angela Aki songs of this nature that are better, it was nice though to hear something like this in English though.

Score – 7.5

“Haha Naru Daichi” is quite unique and acts as the most grand song of the album, featuring a unique instrumental intro. The typical arrangement ensues, but Angela’s vocals save this song, as they are absolutely amazing and powerful, the singing of the chorus, especially the final one are just amazing. I loved the way she ended, repeating “Eien ni”.

Score – 8.5

The album closes with the title track “LIFE” which wasn’t exactly what I expected but that’s alright and it’s on the slower side, but it’s still really good. I loved the really powerful way she sings “LIFE, LIFE” and then “LOVE, LOVE” and the softer way the chorus closes. I think it ends the album off nicely.

Score – 9


With Angela Aki, I feel it’s a given that she sounds amazing in the entire album, not a lot of other artists have the vocal prowess that she does and I’m always impressed. At first, I wasn’t as impressed with LIFE as opposed to her other albums, but it didn’t take me too long to realize that there are definitely some truly amazing tracks on here. My favorites being; Sign, What Are The Roses For?, Ai to Bansoukou, and Mad Scientist. I really like that that makes 2 Japanese favorites and 2 English favorites xD As usual, I still want more music from her, but I’m satisfied for now.





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  1. I love this album! She has to keep making English songs because the ones on the album are all amazing.

    • Tell me about it ^_^ They always seem to be so good

  2. ouh i love “Mad Scientist” so much… so unique….

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