the brilliant green – BLACKOUT

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the brilliant green – BLACKOUT



3. I’m sick of this place

4. Talk to me

5. Blue Daisy

6. Break Free

7. Going Underground


9. Spring Gate

10. Song 2

11. I Just Can’t Breathe



Wow, the brilliant green’s first album since 2002, that’s quite a long time indeed. A lot has changed since then for sure, including the loss of a member. The trio is now a duo, does the duo still have it in them? If the singles are any indication I’d say so, but let’s see about this album.

Fittingly, the album starts off with “BLACKOUT” which, natch is dark and grungy sounding with Tomoko’s vocals being on the lower end of her range. Unfortunately the song is a bit lackluster, drags a bit and just didn’t catch me. A little worried for the rest of the album now.

Score – 6

Matters worsen as “BLACK DARK NIGHT” has “BLACK” in the title and has the same dark grungy, if only a little more involved. I was disappointed until the chorus which actually sounded pretty good, thankfully, it’s long and takes up a lot of the song, saves it for me to be honest.

Score – 8.5

Oookaaayy, a little less dark and grunge, things are already going well for “I’m sick of this place”. The pace finally picks up and Tommy’s vocals are a bit higher. Something sounded really familiar about this whole song though and I wondered if it was because something was being recycled.

Score – 7

“Talk to me” really sounds the most like the classic brilliant green sound. The song is the most upbeat yet and it was a good change of pace. The lyrics were a bit repetitive at times and it loses points for that.

Score – 6

BLUE DAISY” was the brilliant green’s second single released for this album and it was released after band member Ryo Matsui officially departed. I liked the lamenting sound it had, but in hindsight, I hate when she says “Daaaiiisssyyy” and “Blue Daaaiiisssyy” something about it just gets to me xD

Score – 7.5

I liked “Break Free” for it’s more acoustic sound and sad tone. Even so it suffers from being borderline forgettable :/

Score – 6

“Going Underground” starts off sounding a bit too similar to some recent tbg songs, but the chorus changes things up a bit, but again, too forgettable :/

Score – 5

Unfortunately, “WHIRLWIND” continues the trend of songs that aren’t bad but don’t hook you like they should. Things are getting pretty lack luster and really need to pick up.

Score – 4.5

THANK GOD, sure “Spring Gate” is a song I’ve heard before but I’ll take anything to save me from the boring spell the album was having. This song was originally the b-side off of tbg’s first new single in a while, LIKE YESTERDAY. You can check out my review there.

Score – 8.5

At first I was like “Song 2”??? I knew it was a cover but didn’t recognize the song, that is until it started. It’s a classic song sometimes referred to as the “Whoo ooh” song. Tommy’s English still isn’t that great, but at least this cover is fairly decent and the song is pretty upbeat. But damn is this song SHORT at 2:04.

Score – 6.5

I Just Can’t Breathe…” was the third and last single released before BLACKOUT. I thought it was the best out of the 3 singles released thus far.

Score – 9

Ironically the follow up to I Just Can’t Breathe… is the first single from this album, “LIKE YESTERDAY“. I thought it was a great song to start their comeback with.

Score – 8.5

I don’t really like the fact the 3 single tracks were bunched together in the end here, kind of like the dark grungy boring sound the album started with. Either way, I think “BLUE SUNRISE” is a good song and was a good way to end the album.

Score – 8.5


For the most part, I didn’t have much to say when it came to the new tracks on BLACKOUT. Honestly I didn’t feel as if there was really much to say. With the exception of maybe BLACK DARK NIGHT and… nope that’s it. The other songs were pretty much forgettable, thank god the single tracks and b-sides were here to pretty much save this album from getting a horrible score. I was really looking forward to this album but unfortunately it didn’t really meet any of my expectations. This album lacks personality. GO BACK TO TOMMY HEAVENLY6, TOMOKO!





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  1. y’know, song 2 is short because the original is short

    • Yes I do know that 😛 I sometimes listen to original songs if I find out it will be covered by an artist so I can see how they compare and what if anything they did different.

  2. I have to disagree about “Going Underground”…
    I’ll admit that song wasn’t very good the first time I’ve heard it.
    But I must say it’s at least the best of the non-single tracks.

    • Upon listening again, I will have to agree that Going Underground is the best new album track, I can’t remember why I rated it so low.

  3. interesting, my ratins were so different:

    BLACKOUT 10 BLACK DARK NIGHT 9 I’m sick of this place 9.5
    Talk to me 10 Blue Daisy 6 Break Free 4 Going Underground 9
    WHIRLWIND 10 Spring Gate 8.5 Song 2 7 I Just Can’t Breathe 7.5

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