Ayumi Hamasaki – crossroad

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Ayumi Hamasaki – crossroad

(This track listing is a culmination of all versions of the single)

1. crossroad


3. blossom (Clockwork Yellow Remix)

4. MOON (Orchestra Version)

5. blossom (Orchestra Version)

6. crossroad (Instrumental)

7. SEVEN DAYS WAR (Instrumental)

This is the second single in Ayumi Hamasaki’s 3 single project leading up to her 50th single entitled “L”. Ayumi finally releases a single a-side for the first time since Talkin’ 2 myself (that is, if you don’t count her 10th Anniversary Single “Mirrorcle World”).

Right off the bat “crossroad” is definitely a different, it has this kind of hybrid classic/new sound to start. I always like when artists mix old with new. It’s arrangement and structure are also a little different than what Ayu tends to do. I loved the chorus, even more so in the end when she added the extra words and emphasis onto the end of the final chorus.

Score – 9

“SEVEN DAYS WAR” is a cover of a song originally by TM Network. This is a pretty good cover with Ayu mostly keeping true to the original song but adding her own flair here. The music seems a bit more upbeat than the original and features a small chorus “lalala” ing in the background towards the end.

Score – 8

The “Clockwork Yellow Remix” of blossom gives the song a really different, electronic, futuristic sound to it. The pacing is quite different naturally. I found the chorus here to be actually pretty good.

The “Orchestra Version” of MOON has a small but gorgeous instrumental opening. Harp starts as soon as Ayumi starts singing and strings come in on the leadup to the chorus which is surprisingly quiet and bare to start, with the second half of the chorus bringing most of the instruments softly back in. I thought this made for quite an interesting effect. The instrumental outro was also exceptionally pretty and ended seemingly sudden. Truly a beautiful version of this song.

Score – 8.5

I really liked the lamenting yet seemingly happy piano featured in blossom’s “Orchestra Version”. I loved the violin in the chorus and overall how this version changed the feel of the whole song a bit. The outro here was also really pretty.

Score – 8.5

Final Note

Glad to see things changed just a tad with this single here, now onto the 50th!

Overall Rating



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