Ayumi Hamasaki – L

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Ayumi Hamasaki – L

(This track listing is a culmination of all versions of the single)

1. Virgin Road

2. Sweet Season

3. Last Angel

4. crossroad (Orchestra Version)

5. SEVEN DAYS WAR (Orchestra Version)

6. SEVEN DAYS WAR (TK Acoustic Piano Version)

7. Virgin Road (Instrumental)

8. Sweet Season (Instrumental)

9. Last Angela (Instrumental)

This is the final single in Ayumi’s 3-single project culminating in this single, the 50th! On a fun side note, “L” represents the number 50 in Roman numerals.

Ahh, “Sweet Season”. It really is just a nice sweet song surprise, surprise. The music is actually kind of interesting because it features some Country music influences. I thought it was cool how Ayu sung about each of the seasons. The chorus was the high point and it sounded bittersweet and I liked how she ended each one with “Kira Kira Kira…”

Score – 9

I think “Virgin Road” is amazing, bordering on the epicness of BALLAD. It’s heartfelt and sounds like it has a really powerful message. The chorus especially sounds amazing with Ayu’s vocals and those awesome yet subtle strings. I liked how quiet the beginning was, but I didn’t mind too much when it became more involved with percussion after the first chorus.

Score – 9.5

Get ready because “Last Angel” takes you for a spin. The song starts off with some great strings, but even I was like “Another slow song?” but that’s when it all changed. A fast beat suddenly comes creeping in, followed by a thumping beat on top of that, it suddenly stops, replaced by Ayu and a darker toned piano playing. As the chorus starts the techno/club sound comes back in and the rhythm here is quite refreshing. It sounded like something she would have done in the “I am…” era, yet updated. I thought it was brilliant.

Score – 9.5

I thought the “Orchestra Version” of crossroad gave the song quite a different feel especially during the chorus. The usual fare applies here as far as Orchestra Versions go, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Score – 8.5

I liked the instrumental itself of the “Orchestra Version” of SEVEN DAYS WAR, at first I found this version to be a little boring, I thought it sounded a little too similar to the original so it didn’t really have anything new going on however towards the very end, the strings and percussion made things a bit more interesting.

Score – 8

I didn’t realize how low Ayu’s vocals were in SEVEN DAYS WAR until I listened to the “TK Acoustic Piano Version” It’s much quieter and mostly just features vocals and soft piano. Towards the end though the “lalala”s come in and some simple organ starts playing.

Score – 8

Final Note

I’m not sure what’s next for Ayu after this, but I love the direction she’s going in.

Overall Rating



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