GIRL NEXT DOOR – Ready to be a lady

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Ready to be a lady

1. Ready to be a lady

2. Kaze no Capsule

3. Shiawase no Hakari

4. Infinity (EURODIMA Remix)

5. Ready to be a lady (Instrumental)

I thought “Ready to be a lady” was a really weird title but I actually think very highly of the song. At first I thought it was similar to Infinity but I tried not to make any comparisons. I really liked the energy and feel of the song and thought the chorus was really fun and catchy.

Score – 8.5

Kaze no Capsule sounded like a typical track from GND but it was kind of interesting and kept my attention. I liked the pacing and I especially liked how fast the chorus was and I thought it was kind of catchy. However, like I said, fairly usual stuff from GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Score – 7.5

Unfortunately Shiawase no Hakari has pretty much the same diagnosis. Sounds kinda of similar to past GND tracks but still manages to keep my attention in some way. It’s a bit of a ballad and is kind of long winded, like a few other ballad b-sides from GND. For this song, the lead in to the chorus was really pretty and I think I even preferred it over the chorus itself.

Score – 7.5

The “EURODIMA Remix” of Infinity didn’t really do anything for me as you might have guessed. To be honest, the remix doesn’t do much to the song either. It just kind of makes it sound hyper and at 6:41 it’s way too long. The only redeeming quality is the fact that Infinity is a really great song.

Score – 6.5

Final Note

Don’t really know where GND is headed but something needs to change methinks.

Overall Rating



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