Ken Hirai – Sing Forever

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Ken Hirai – Sing Forever

1. Sing Forever

2. Taiyou


4. CANDY -Suspicious Remix-

5. Sing Forever -less vocal-

This review is a little late I know, that tends to happen when I really don’t like a single. Sad to say really.

I really didn’t like “Sing Forever”. I really didn’t like the tempo and Ken’s vocals get a little annoying at certain points and sounds awkward. The lyrics seemed to be a bit cheesy especially in the chorus and the overall arrangement sounded kind of messy as well.

Score – 4

“Taiyou”  is a sweet, calming ballad and it has really nice piano in it. I thought Ken’s vocals were great here and I liked the emotion he put into them. The whole song was just Ken’s vocal and piano but it worked well.

Score – 8

I don’t know what I was expecting from “HOTEL VAMPIRE” but it intrigued me even it is just a little Halloween inspired. It has up tempo strings, guitar and clapping in it and Ken sings at a quick pace. There was an English rap towards the end and while the lyrics felt silly, it actually didn’t sound bad.

Score – 7

CANDY never really stuck out to me before, and this “Suspicious Remix” doesn’t really help matters, it adds a lot of fast organ and percussion giving it a more jazzy sound but I still found it a bit boring.

Score – 6.5

Final Note

Average single, hopefully Aishiteru improves things. Talk of a new album?

Overall Rating



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