Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Review

When I played the first Force Unleashed game I thought it was excellent and it ended on bit of a cliffhanger so I was really hoping for a sequel. When the sequel was announced and I saw the first teaser, I was in heaven and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve finally gotten it and played it to completion, that didn’t take too long, but more on that later.


The story of The Force Unleashed II follows up from the ending of the first game. Spoiler alert Starkiller the protagonist has died but apparently Darth Vader has somehow managed to clone Starkiller and is trying to train his apprentice once again. The cloned Starkiller is haunted by visions of the real Starkillers past and it ultimately leads him to betray Vader and escape in search of Starkiller’s Jedi friend Master Rahm Kota and his love interest Juno Eclipse. Unfortunately the story falls insanely flat here because with what I’ve just said, that’s IT. Other than wondering if the cloned Starkiller is really a clone or not there’s nothing else really going on. The first game was kind of on the short side, but this game? I nonchalantly completed it in 4.5 HOURS. I sat there dumbfounded literally saying out loud “Wait. That’s IT?” The game leaves off with a series of unanswered questions that will hopefully be in a third installment that will hopefully be much longer than both previous titles combined. In all honesty with the lack of content, this game could have been a downloadable episode being sold for $20-$30 at the most. I don’t really feel as if it deserves the title of II.

Score – 6


A lot has changed from the first game starting with the fact that Starkiller’s clone now goes about dual wielding lightsabers. The combos are flashier and made all that much cooler by the fact that there are two lightsabers involved. Force powers seem a little bit more intuitive now that you hold the block button and press a face button that is mapped to the particular force power you’d like to use. A few more tweaks were added and you get the feeling that LucasArts really took player criticism of the first game into consideration. Everything seems a bit more fluid in the end. There aren’t many enemies in the game but each one has a trick to be defeated, unfortunately after a while it becomes very boring because when you see an enemy, all you think of is “Oh, you again, OK, do this, this, then this. Alright, done.” in other words, the little extra challenge is there, but it gets very repetitive.

Score – 8.5


The first Force Unleashed game looked great and of course this one does as well. The environments look really great and everything is very detailed. In some areas you really get a sense of scale and traversing through the games (FEW) levels is quite enjoyable. I did find it EXTREMELY odd that the character design of Starkiller and Juno was changed. Starkiller seems to have put on a little extra (albeit) healthy weight. Whereas in the first game he appears evil and gaunt, he now appears nicer and a bit healthier, I don’t mind it but I like the nice yet evil looking Starkiller personally. Juno on the other hand looks ATROCIOUS. She looks completely different to the point where I didn’t really recognize her at first. I just can’t understand why they would mess with a design that was already well established and quite frankly, perfectly fine to begin with.

Score – 7


Star Wars The Force Unleashed II has a few too many faults. It fixed a lot that was wrong with the first game but managed to come out with a whole new slew of problems. As I said the game is terribly short but I imagine that will slightly be made up for as I try to get a few more trophies, complete challenges, obtain all the extras, and of course play and beat the game on the harder difficulties. While that does get me a little more bang for my buck, the lack of story and content is almost unforgivable.

In closing, I miss the game’s promise, I feel it was rushed, the teaser material LucasArts released doesn’t seem to mesh with what I played. I wish I could have played the game that was first announced rather than the game they made. With two trilogies can we expect a third game in this series? I hope so, I really enjoy this series but they’ve got a lot of work to do from here on out if they are to really succeed with what is in my opinion one of the best Star Wars concepts ever.




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