Perfume – Nee

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Perfume – Nee

1. Nee


3. Nee (Instrumental Version)

4. FAKE IT (Instrumental Version)

As you could probably tell from the title “Nee” is definitely a cutesy little song. At first, I thought the repetitiousness of the girls singing “Nee, nee, nee, nee,” over and over again in the chorus would be really annoying but I’ve found it to be cute and endearing. Perhaps I’m being brainwashed and that’s why I have no qualms about it. I thought the synth was interesting and engaging and a bit different from the late. The cut vocals in the song (again thought they were going to be annoying but they weren’t) were a great touch.

Score – 8.5

Why is it this always seems to happen with Perfume songs? An element in the song seems annoying at first but over time I find it to be completely fine. In the case of “FAKE IT” the song features a repetitious screeching that isn’t as jarring as it sounds. This song is wicked catchy and I wanted to start singing along to it as soon as I started listening not to mention I really liked the lyrical content. I feel like it could have been a tad longer as I feel it ends too soon. In my opinion, no offense Nee, FAKE IT should have been the A-side.

Score – 9

Final Note

Getting better Perf, can’t wait for a new album.

Overall Rating




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  1. is it possible you could send nee to me? can’t find it anywhere :/

    • Yeah of course ^-^ though I’d rather send a link to your email if you don’t mind. Full single or just Nee?

      • actually, i found it! sorry for the confusion XD

  2. hello..erm~can i have Nee (Instrumental Version)??
    omg!!i started to love PERFUME from last week when I first heard their awesome single Chocolate Disco..

    • Sure, just email me for it, you should be able to find my email somewhere on here 😛

  3. Would you mind sending me the HQ Instrumental version of Fake It to my email, please? I can’t find it anywhere! 😦 Thanks in advance!

  4. Never mind, I found it! Thanks anyway! 🙂

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