Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes Of Light

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Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes Of Light Review

Finally, a little late here but better late than never. Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes Of Light is Square’s newer kind of take on Final Fantasy yet still trying to keep a classic feel to it. What do we get? Rewarded. And maybe a little bit of nostalgia.


The 4 Heroes Of Light story seems kind of classic. The princess of Horne, Aire, is kidnapped by an evil witch. Local boy Brandt is asked to rescue her. With the aid of Brandt’s friend Jusqua and the princess’ assistant Yunita, you finally save the Aire. However, in doing so a terrible curse is put on Horne (hate it when that happens) so the “4 Heroes” must set out and save Horne from its fate. We’ve all been there before haven’t we? Regardless I found the uncomplicated story to be rather refreshing. The little sub stories going on in each town kept things moving while still reminding you of your ultimate goal. A little funky was the constant shift in characters in the beginning, the heroes constantly go on their separate ways and meet up at certain points in the beginning but after a while all of the heroes are united once more and that’s where the fun begins.

Oh, but of course.

Score – 9


The gameplay is almost as uncomplicated in the story. You have your traditional world map that you travel on and which battles can occur, as well as towns you can enter, and caves and dungeons for exploring and battling. Battles are kind of funny at first and take some getting used to. In essence you can’t really aim your attacks or abilities in 4 Heroes. Certain attacks or weapons target either the rear or the front rows so there can be some strategy involved in choosing which weapons wield and which attacks or abilities to use. One of the more important things of any RPG, healing, is handled a tad differently. The game thinks about your decision to heal and chooses the best choice, but there is more to this choice than simply HP amount as defense can also play a role.

One of the best features in Final Fantasy is in this game, the jobs system, which in 4 Heroes is referred to as “The Crown Job System”. As you progress the story, with some crowns being available by special means, you gain new crowns to use. The basics such as Freelancer, Black Mage, White Mage, Bandit, Ranger, etc are all there, plus a whole bunch of fun ones like Monk, Dancer, Paladin, Ninja, Sage, etc. There are even some new ones (at least to me) that make things that much more fun.

Score – 9.5


Not sure if you noticed yet, but this game is absolutely adorable. The design is charming and it really looks like this game came straight out of a story book. The graphics are similar to FFIII and FFIV on DS which is nothing to scoff at really, these are some nice looking games. The environments are vibrant and each town really has it’s own personality. The music also seems to match all of the situations and is really endearing. The design of the characters and the monsters are all kind of classic yet felt new, Square’s doing something right here for once.

Liberte, just one of the many wonderful looking towns.

Score – 9.5

Final Note

A good game, really, that’s all I’ve got. Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes Of Light is engaging and entertaining and endearing and probably a bunch of other adjectives that start with the letter “e”. Also, while I did binge, the game was fun to just pick up and play for an hour or two, which only a few RPG manage. Once again, I am forever alone so I did not get to enjoy the multiplayer functions but I can only imagine that they add yet another fun dynamic aspect to the game, as well as richly rewarding you with the points you can accumulate and spend on new items.

Overall Rating



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