The First December…

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Where I’ve actually gotten Christmas presents for everyone! Huzzah. Even if I rather not be, hooray for being employed! Gosh the end of the year is coming so fast for me, I blame school. But that’s enough of that, let’s see what’s on the agenda for Decembah. Get it? It rhymes. Because I’m from the North East… AHA.

In December we have a lot of reviews to look forward to…

[December 8th, 2010]

Crystal Kay – Spin the Music

[December 22nd, 2010]

GIRL NEXT DOOR – Unmei no Shizuku ~Destiny’s star~ / Hoshizora Keikaku

[December 22nd, 2010]

MiChi – LOVE is.

[December 22nd, 2010]

Ayumi Hamasaki – Love songs

3 on the same day?! What the hell!


Truth is, I’m going to be really busy with the end of the semester of school coming along. I’ll try for most reviews to be “on time” but that will probably be rare. I’ve also managed to buy and start playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn so hopefully I will have that review up as next to “on time” as possible.


I had a good Thanksgiving and to all who celebrate, I hope yours was lovely as well. “Family” came over. Why the quotes? Well the “family” was related to my dad’s girlfriend, so yeah, not really my family. But it was nice meeting them all and having Thanksgiving together anyway.


On top of being busier and busier with school, I’m falling very behind so it’s becoming even more stressful. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull everything together and, what’s the word(s)… NOT FAIL.


I hope everyone is well and has a lovely Christmas or Holiday.


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