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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Review

A long overdue review yes I know, first it was school, then the holidays, then a blizzard… You get the idea. But here it is, finally, my review of Golden Sun Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS.


What’s interesting about Dark Dawn is that you’ll be playing 3o years after the events of Golden Sun The Lost Age. This means that the protags of the original titles are all growed up and makin’ babies. Naturally, you’ll be playing as said offspring. The story starts and you’re in control of Matthew, Issac’s adolescent son. Of course Garet, or in essence, his son Tyrell has obliterated the soarwing, a device which allows the user to fly over great distances. Issac was going to use it to investigate around Mt. Aleph which has become unnavigable by foot. In an attempt to repair the device you must find the Mountain Roc, a giant bird who’s feathers help to power the soarwing. So together with Ivan’s daughter Karis, and eventually Mia’s son Reif and a few other characters you embark on a long and arduous journey.

So that was the objective but then all this stuff happens and you kind of lose sight of that task and set on a mission to save the world. Groundbreaking stuff I know. I liked the story though it felt a little disjointed at times and left off on a bit of a cliff hanger just like the original Golden Sun did. DUN DUN DUN, do we have another installment coming soon? Find out! Next time on My Kind of Perfect!

In order from left to right; Karis, Reif, Matthew, Tyrell

Score – 8.5


If you played any Golden Sun game prior to this it’s pretty much a been there done that kind of deal. You go from town to town by traversing the world map and face enemies in random encounters. You’ve got your typical turned based RPG mechanics going on here where you select actions for each character to take and who or what to direct those actions at and then whoever has the highest speed acts first. It was cool to see all the old Psynergy and the new characters rendered in 3D. As per the usual fare, you gain experience points that go towards increase your level and battle parameters.

Weapons are slightly improved upon as most have a few different “unleashes” or Critical hits but with style and occasional added affects, weapons have a sort of EXP bar and over time you’ll gain access to better unleashes depending on your weapon

Djinn make a triumphant return in Dark Dawn and what’s kind of cool is they all look different, some of the designs are actually quite cool and I wanted to find them all just to see. Just like in the original games of course, finding them can sometimes be tricky but rewarding if you succeed.

Psynergy is of course a large gameplay mechanic as well as just like the original games you’ll have to use different Psynergy to traverse the landscape and solve certain puzzles. I liked how the touch screen came into play while directing your Psynergy, such as directing fireballs, whirlwinds, and rain clouds. Nothing amazing but a nice touch regardless.

The Djinn are back in town.

Score – 9


The graphics aren’t bad for a title on the DS. The game is mostly of that 2 1/2 D that seems to be fairly popular these days, but no complaints from me. The games colors are really vibrant and the battle effects are really kind of cool especially summoning, all of the old summons from the previous games make a return here and the summon sequences are all rendered in 3D so that was definitely nice to see.

2 1/2 D. You know what I'm talkin' about.

Score – 8.5

Final Note

So is Dark Dawn what I hoped it would be? Not entirely. I had a few complaints, for example there is way too much dialog sometimes. I mean, something happens and EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER has to have their one line about it. It gets annoying sometimes and I found myself wanting to just spam A to get back to playing which normally doesn’t happen with me. I did like this game though, I really did, but Golden Sun and its sequel Golden Sun The Lost Age were kind of innovative and new when the were released. Dark Dawn manages to be fun but in essence it’s just more of the same. A few new aspects here and there keep things kind of fresh but I would have liked to see a little more innovation. I suppose if this is your first Golden Sun then that’s not a problem, although the nostalgia factor is really one of the things that make this title kind of awesome.

Overall Rating



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  1. YEA! i am sooooooooo happy for the new golden sun, playing with the children of the ledendary heroes we helped 7 years ago XD

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