MiChi – LOVE is.

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MiChi – LOVE is.

1. LOVE is.




Gah, another late ass review. Better JUMP ON IT. AHA. No? OK…

“LOVE is.” starts with fast and furious beats and electric guitar that I really just loved,  as soon as I heard it, I was like “Oh yeah, MiChi is back.” The synths seemed kind of retro 80’s ish but I dunno really, I wasn’t there. The chorus is really great and one of the best parts of the song in my opinion.

Score – 9.5

“YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!” is reminiscent of other slower, yet fast paced MiChi songs. The song starts out with some soft electric guitar, clapping and a few synths and ends up speeding up from there. Nothing too amazing but I found it enjoyable enough.

Score – 8.5

“JUMP ON IT” brings back that classic angsty sounding MiChi who’s full of attitude. The song is completely in English except for an extremely short interlude part where the music suddenly stops she says something in Japanese as you hear a liquid being poured. The song itself is kind of reminiscent of Shibuya de Punch in some respects but the song is unique in its on right. I really enjoyed the last part with just the repeated lines ending in “just JUMP ON IT” accompanied by the grungier darker sounding synths and I wish the whole song had kind of been more like that.

Score – 9

MiChi pulls a total MiChi (at least in my eyes) and covers a song originally by The Offspring. “PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY)” MiChi definitely puts her own spin on the song right down to a chipmunk toned “And all the girls say I’m pretty fly for a white guy”. Not my kind of song, but once again, kind of enjoyable thanks to MiChi.

Score – 8

Final Note

Pretty strong single, stronger than the last two actually. Keep it up MiChi!

Overall Rating



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