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1. ONE

2. dear my friend (MIGHTY CROWN REMIX)

3. ONE (acoustic 2010/12/12 Live in the Dark ver.)

4. Dreamin’ (acoustic 2010/12/12 Live in the Dark ver.)

5. ONE (Instrumental)

Right off the bat, I thought that “ONE” was SO Ace of Base, and I LOVED it for that. It’s got a classic sounding synth beat going on the whole time and you just can’t help but get into it. JASMINE’s vocals are of course great and the way she sings makes the song so catchy especially in the chorus. Overall an awesome song.

Score – 9.5

My liking of dear my friend has gone down a little from first listening to it though I still like it a little. However, the “MIGHT CROWN REMIX” renews the song a bit for me. It adds a really laid back almost Ska/Reggae sound to the song. What’s more is this is more a new version of the song rather than a remix so there’s no annoying cut-vocals, annoying beats, repeating, etc.

Score – 8.5

I appreciated the “acoustic Live in the Dark ver.” attempt to break ONE down and make it sound slightly bluesy. All it really is is a small bit of percussion and background vocals but to be honest, I just didn’t really like it.

Score – 6

As a ballad, Dreamin’ was just kind of “OK” for me. The “acoustic Live in the Dark ver.” doesn’t really do anything different with the song which is good based on what I just heard with ONE. That being said it’s basically the exact same as the studio version so there’s not much to note here. On a related note, you really get the feeling that JASMINE can really sing well live.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

I would have lived with just the A-side xD

Overall Rating



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