Koda Kumi – POP DIVA

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Koda Kumi – POP DIVA


2. Black Candy

3. POP DIVA (Instrumental)

4. Black Candy (Instrumental)

Koda Kumi is going to release a new album in just a month’s time, but here’s the lead up single to Dejavu, kind of like last years’ Can We Go Back.

“POP DIVA” is sexy, fierce and totally POP. It’s heavy on electronic influences given it’s mostly synthetic with some electro-vocals. The chorus is really catchy and really makes you wanna dance around and sing along and Kumi just exudes confidence in the lyrics . I feel though, that POP DIVA tries to emulate the success of past Kumi hits like TABOO, ECSTASY and Driving and it’s even slightly reminiscent of the recent hit “Like A G6”. It succeeds slightly but falls short on being just as big as those songs. Regardless, I still manage to love it.

Score – 8.5

“Black Candy” is this single’s B-side and I feel it suffers from a bit of a pacing problem. The draggy feel of it makes me feel like it doesn’t know what kind of song it wants to be. I do like the grungier rock sound that Kumi does and again I feel this song tries to emulate the success of past songs of similar sound, however I think Black Candy fails considerably. There really isn’ t much to this song either as I feel as soon as it started it was ending, not to mention it was practically the same sound throghout the entire song. Let’s just say I’m glad this song is not appearing on the new album.

Score – 6.5

Final Note

This single falls a little short, but that’s no problem as Kumi’s new album Dejavu will be out shortly

Overall Rating



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