GIRL NEXT DOOR – Silent Scream

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Silent Scream

1. Silent Scream

2. fallin’ angel

3. Orion (Gold Remix)

4. Silent Scream (Instrumental)

5. Destination Digest

Well, here it is, my first single review in months (do I even remember how to do this?) and it feels good to be back. I have a lot of catch-up to do so lets just get all the old stuff out of the way quickly shall we?

“Silent Scream” seems like a really typical move for GND (no surprise there, really) although Chisa’s vocals are a tad lower than usual which I always seem to appreciate. One of the synths used in the song is kind of high pitched and I really didn’t enjoy hearing it. The chorus has a certain something about it that I liked and actually made the song for me.

Score – 7.5

Right from the start the synths in “fallin’ angel” actually sound kind of unique and again Chisa is singing a bit lower than usual and I like it. The song itself, the arrangement and flow are also “new” sounding for GND. There’s nothing really groundbreaking here but at the same time I am impressed especially for a B-side.

Score – 8

The “Gold Remix” of Orion started off somewhat good, and I really liked the background music. I don’t think it really fit with Orion but regardless, afterwards it went downhill and I started to not like it that much as per the usual with me and remixes.

Score – 6.5

The “Destination Digest” is basically a bunch of previews for the songs that are going to be (read: currently is, lol) on GND’s new album Destination so I won’t really “review” it…

Final Note

Altogether not bad and I say that mostly because I really didn’t think Silent Scream was going to be that good.

Overall Rating



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