Ken Hirai – Itoshiki Hibi yo

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Ken Hirai – Itoshiki Hibi yo

1. Itoshiki Hibi yo

2. Run to you

3. Itoshiki Hibi yo (Instrumental)

I think I just need to tell myself that there will never be a greater Ken Hirai ballad than Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wa Suru because of course, “Itoshiki Hibi yo” is a ballad and being a ballad I keep thinking it will compare, and then it doesn’t… Ken hits a lot of high ass notes to the point of sometimes being a little annoying, no hate, just saying although sometimes some of his vocals sound a bit awkward here. The arrangement is all really grand but it fails to impress me. The music itself sans Ken’s vocals actually sounds pretty good, but the vocals just kind of kill it for me.

Score – 7

“Run to you” is a really smooth R&B-ish track featuring a lot of snapping, at least in the beginning. The chorus hits and it sounds a bit more mid-tempo pop. The arrangement is kind of messy and I feel like they didn’t really no where they were going with this song. The term “hot mess” comes to mind. I feel like a lot of Ken’s songs lately, this one included sound a bit draggy.

Score – 6.5

Final Note

Confused all around, and I’m talking about the songs themselves. I suggest listening to the instrumental of Itoshiki Hibi yo.

Overall Rating



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