Perfume – Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori

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Perfume – Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori

1. Laser Beam

2. Kasuka na Kaori

3. Laser Beam (Instrumental)

4. Kasuka na Kaori (Instrumental)

Can I just say that I love the fact that it looks like Kashiyuka is going back to her original style bangs!? *squee* *dies* OK, moving on…

Perfume is clearly back with some cutesy vocals with “Laser Beam”. The music is all 8-bit/videogame-like and sounds pretty fun overall. There is a cut vocals part that I don’t really care for, mostly because I feel like they did that too recently, but whatever, it’s fine. Overall a decent track, but certainly not their best.

Score – 7.5

“Kasuka na Kaori” is truly awesome, it’s really cute vocals, music and all. I love the atmosphere created by it and the fact that it’s a bit more mellow then their recent songs. Towards the end it’s just the girls and a piano and it’s great, I wish I heard more of it even though I know that’s not their style. I really love when they do songs like this.

Score – 8

Final Note

This single totally should have been Kasuka na Kaori / Laser Beam.

Overall Rating



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