GIRL NEXT DOOR – Destination

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Destination

1. 3rd contact

2. Freedom

3. Yume no Katana

4. Kaze no Capsule

5. Aitai Yoru

6. Winter Breeze

7. Wasuretai Noni…

8. Unmei no Shizuku ~Destiny’s Star~

9. Impish music

10. Ready to be a lady

11. Hajimari

12. Silent Scream

13. Arigatou

A new GIRL NEXT DOOR album, yes, a little late though. I’m a little apprehensive about this album, mostly because their singles this era have been especially iffy for me, even if I liked them, but I guess I’ll just dive right in.

“3rd contact” is the album’s intro and the name naturally alludes to the fact that this is GIRL NEXT DOOR’s third album. I suppose it slightly suggest something alien and at first it sounds a little “alien”. A hard grungy electric guitar comes in which I thought was cool until this synth-melody comes in and I am telling you that it is SO much like Britney Spears’ Piece of Me song. Then comes Chisa’s vocalizing right from Freedom, which makes sense as the intro leads seamlessly into Freedom.

Score – 7.5

Freedom” was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s first new single since releasing their last album NEXT FUTURE and I thought it was an excellent start to a new era. The album version is slightly different as that melody featured in 3rd contact is very prevalent during Freedom. I’ve listened to the single version of Freedom again and there is an underlying melody and while it does sound similar to this one it doesn’t sound as Piece of Me as this one does.

Score – 9

“Yume no Katana” started off promising with a heavy electric guitar but then this really annoying synth sound came in that sounded like screaming. What’s worse is it continues in other parts of the song, it’s horrible. Chisa is singing in a lower register this time around which again I tend to like. The chorus is severely uninspiring and even features a progression heard in Jyonetsu no Daisho which happens to be my favorite GND song, however, I rather them not reuse things from other songs.

Score – 7.5

Kaze no Capsule” is next off of what was kinda sorta a triple A-side, though it wasn’t necessarily billed as such. I’m still not that impressed but this quickness and catchyness of the chorus keeps my attention.

Score – 7.5

“Aitai Yoru” disappoints right off the bat as it once again takes a vocal melody heard in another GND song and I wanna say it could be Guuzen no Kakuritsu but I honestly can’t put my finger on it though it doesn’t take too much knowledge of GND songs to know that you’ve heard it once before. I felt at some points in this song Chisa’s voice becomes the tiniest bit annoying but it could just be me.

Score – 6.5

“Winter Breeze” has Chisa singing in a particularly high register especially at certain points in the song. Fear not though, this song doesn’t actually sound like every other GND song with “Winter” in the name but it’s no gem itself. The progression featured in the chorus sounds kind of nice though nothing about the song really wowed me.

Score – 7.5

“Wasuretai Noni…” is somewhat a breath of fresh air. It’s a bit of an acoustic ballad that is low on synth and has more emphasis on real instruments which is nice. I was a little disappointed because the buildup to the chorus is great though the chorus itself disappoints by being quite understated. I thought I might have heard some similarities to yet another GND track but I’m throwing that out of my mind because this is actually a decent track.

Score – 8.5

I actually think I like “Unmei no Shizuku ~Destiny’s Star~” I really love how the song just begins and Chisa’s vocals are lower than usual and I of course love the fast pace.

Score – 9.5

“impish music” is the album’s interlude and it starts of with some pretty cool synths but then by the middle they change up and just kind of get annoying all the way to the end. I suppose it sorta kinda leads into the next song Ready to be a lady.

Score – 6.5

Ready to be a lady” has really good energy and it’s a really fun listen. I never really had any complaints about it, though I can’t say it’s flawless.

Score – 8.5

“Hajimari” starts off quite abruptly and seems a little darker than usual GND fare. It has a uniqueness about it, especially in the chorus that I liked. I don’t think there is anything that special about it and, personally, I think this is a good song but I don’t like it that much, if that makes sense.

Score – 8.5

“Silent Scream” was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s most recently released single and it feels a little place both after Hajimari and at this point in the album. My opinion about it has improved a lot in a really short time though I’m still not a fan of the lead-up to the chorus, the chorus itself however, is really great.

Score – 8.5

Destination closes with a song called “Arigatou”. How fitting, how cliché, no biggie though. The song itself seems quite typical as an album closer, however, but it’s not too bad. The synths and sound effects seem kind of cutesy and such which I think is to be expected though the background electric guitar improved my opinion a lot.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

Not a whole lot of winners in this one. Naturally, the single tracks all sound very good while only Arigatou, Hajimari, and Wasuretai Noni… are among the decent new tracks of the album. Once again, I’m left with really wanting GIRL NEXT DOOR to pick it up, pump it up, and give us something new, I want to like them for some reason, though, so I’ll keep listening.

Overall Rating



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