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2. Addiction

3. ONLY YOU (Instrumental)

4. Addiction (Instrumental)

This is JASMINE’s follow up from ONE which was just amazing so I’m curious to see if she can keep it going.

“ONLY YOU” seems to be quite a typical sounding track for JASMINE. It’s R&B-ish, and has a hint of melancholy similar to a lot of her other songs. However, that’s not to say that this song isn’t good, it’s pretty great, the chorus is really strong and incredibly catchy. I like the high she starts it off with and the range she displays in the song as a whole as well, but it’s not surprise here that JASMINE has a voice. The ad-libbing at the end was a nice touch.

Score – 8

I was skeptical for some reason with “Addiction” but as soon as I started listening to it I was intrigued. It’s a fast paced song that has a hell of a lot going on. It sounds a bit marching band(?) overall especially with the use of whistles. I love the attitude JASMINE gives in the song and I especially love how strongly and fast she sings the chorus. There are also two occasions where she says “Uhh Don’t *BLEEP* with me!” which I thought was great one near the bridge and it’s how she ends the song which finishes up with almost video game beeping and a gunshot. Overall a track that packs a punch. Better than the A-side.

Score – 9.5

Final Note

Neat single with two very different but good tracks.

Overall Rating



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