Namie Amuro – NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest

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Namie Amuro – NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest


2. Fight Together

3. Tempest

4. NAKED (Extended Instrumental)

5. Fight Together (Instrumental)

6. Tempest (Instrumental)

OK so I’ve been really behind lately, but get ready for a whirlwind of reviews starting with Namie here who comes quite a while after Break It / Get Myself Back for a big Triple A-Side single.

What a name right? “NAKED” starts off with some pretty heavy computerized sounds and synth as Namie starts singing in a somewhat deep tone. The chorus has an interesting flow with the vocals almost sounding cut. The song overall has a pretty strong sound but in the end I didn’t find it that spectacular or memorable, maybe only the chorus a little.

Score – 7.5

“Fight Together” is also kind of a cool title which starts off with birds chirping(?). I feel like this is her “heal Japan” song, you know, an uplifting song for Japan for the hard times right now. I actually really LOVE the beats, melody and synths this song starts with. The beats continue as Namie starts singing and more beats get layered as she goes on until she hits this kind of jazzy break down before the chorus which I didn’t exactly love. The chorus disappoints at first but then sounds really great in the end, ending with the English lyrics “We Fight Together”. The atmosphere of the song on the whole is great and I love how it ends with the same sounds it starts with while Namie repeats “Life goes on…”. It’s got a couple of flaws and the song would be perfect without them but it’s my favorite off the single.

Score – 9

“Tempest” closes off the single with a ballad. It starts off pretty quiet and suddenly everything kicks off with the chorus and Namie goes from almost whispering vocals to belting some pretty strong notes which I thought was cool. At first it sounded to me like the lyrics in the chorus sounded a little awkward, like they tried to fit too much into it. But now I realize they actually have a nice flow to them. The song has some little bouts of whimsical sounds throughout which I thought was nice for an epic level sounding ballad.

Score – 8

Final Note

A decent single overall, I’m interested to see what she does next.

Overall Rating



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