Koda Kumi – 4 TIMES

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Koda Kumi – 4 TIMES

1. Introduction~sunny time~

2. Poppin’love cocktail feat.TEEDA

3. Interlude~sunset time~


5. Interlude~midnight time~

6. V.I.P.

7. Interlude~time to … love~


As usual for the summer time it seems Kumi releases a massive single, this time, in the form of 4 TIMES which naturally is a quadruple A-side single.


This single features an introduction and 3 interludes that are more just segue… things. I started to rate them, but then I just decided I wouldn’t as I didn’t want their rating to effect the singles overall rating. Hope no one is disappointed, they are really short anyway…

“Introduction~sunny time~” features a bunch of different sounds. Soft crashing waves, ticking of a clock, engines starting up and cars flying by followed by someone seeking through the radio and catching a bit of the upcoming song, tire screeching ends this intro.

Right off the bat you realize “Poppin’love cocktail” feat.TEEDA is a really fun, incredibly energetic track. The chorus is incredibly infectious and features the most energy overall. Unfortunately there seems to be a kind of disconnect happening with everything else in the song and the choruses, they just don’t seem to flow very well together. Thankfully, the outro of the song ends up flowing fairly well which slightly makes up for it. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the song was getting a tad repetitive by the midpoint. TEEDA’s parts didn’t impress me THAT much, but the song isn’t destroyed by them.

Score – 8.5

Next interlude (better get used to them because there are two more to go after this) is “Interlude~sunset time~. Are you sensing a theme? Yes we are going along through a day in the life of Koda Kumi, lol, not really, jk, etc. But these are definitely reminding me of the interludes off of 3 SPLASH. This one features ticking again really quick, soft waves again, and some nice fluffy synths on top of it. Quite fleeting really but leads in perfectly / helps segue right into the change of pace that is…

“IN THE AIR” which is a really sweet sounding, really uplifting-sounding track. It features piano and what seemed like synth-backed guitar. Where the song shines of course is the chorus and I really loves the cheery atmosphere created in the melody and flow of it and also the way Kumi sings it of course. Again, for some reason I felt that there was a slight disconnect between choruses and the rest of the song though it’s most certainly not as bad to me as Poppin’love cocktail was.

Score – 9

There’s that ticking again in “Interlude~midnight time~”. Again we get a tiny little preview of the song we are about to hear over what sounds like people enjoying themselves at a part or something. Again it acts to perfectly change pace to the more sexy part of the single.

“V.I.P.” kicks things up a notch as it’s a sexy super synthy club track. I felt like some elements in the song just didn’t flow that well and I wasn’t really a fan of the SUPER synthed up vocals. The bridge features a random string bit seemingly out of nowhere. It’s also a little stingy as it’s the shortest song so far and on the single in general at just 3:05.

Score – 8

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick… once again, for the last time really. The party seems to be winding down and we hear the slightest bit of music from the next song. Suddenly someone opens a door, undoes their belt, unzips and pulls their pants down or something… interesting… that really kind of just sets it up perfectly for one of Kumi’s sexiest tracks to date, it even spawned a banned PV!

“KO-SO-KO-SO” really lives up to its name which means sneaky, or doing something in a secret way, or I guess simply “secretly”. You just get that feeling listening to the repeated synths and Kumi’s little breathy laughs and gasps. The chorus picks things up and elevates it all at just the right amount (yay for something flowing well on the single!). Again this song is a bit short but I feel it manages to accomplish all it needs to in the time that it is.

Score – 9

Final Note

What a rush. No really, the whole single felt a little fleeting, though all the songs were pretty top-notch. WHERE’S MY OUTRO THOUGH!?

Overall Rating



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