GIRL NEXT DOOR – Dada Para!!

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Dada Para!!

1. Dada Para!!

2. Pure

3. Summer Breeze

4. Dada Para!! (Instrumental)

5. Pure (Instrumental)

I wasn’t really sure to think of “Dada Para!!” as soon as it started, in fact I was a little worried over it’s synths and sound, but immediately I really liked the atmosphere it was building and the energy it was radiating. The beat is just really infectious and Chisa’s vocals just kinda make you feel good. It’s definitely one of GND’s more hyper sounding tracks and I typically don’t like them but this one is perfectly fine.

Score – 8.5

At first “Pure” sounds exactly like what you would expect a GND, ballad, B-side to sound like. As soon as it started I got an overwhelming feeling of deja vu as I can’t say how many times I’ve listened to a thumping energetic GND song only to have the B-side slow things down. It’s like it’s a tradition. It kind of makes up for things by incorporating some extra beats and sounds after the first chorus you wouldn’t expect, but nothing in general really saves this one.

Score – 6

At first I thought I was going mental when I started up “Summer Breeze” because it sounded JUST like another GND song, like, more than the others ever would, could, should, etc. Then I realized while yes, I am a little mental, this song is in fact just a retake of the song “Winter Breeze” off of GND’s third album Destination, whew. I’m not sure how much is different, it sounds a little different, atmosphere seems a bit more, dare I say it? Summer oriented, whereas the other sounds a bit “wintery”. I’m not sure if the lyrics are the same because quite frankly, I don’t care much about this song to pay that close attention. Sorry. While I have reviewed songs like this before, Ayu’s “Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~” comes to mind, I found those overall better in the first place, and not having that much of a good opinion of Winter Breeze in the first place doesn’t really help Summer Breeze out.

Score – 6

Final Note

As always GND, inconsistent, the A-side is passable, everything else is not.

Overall Rating



In commemoration of their… third(?) anniversary as a group, GIRL NEXT DOOR have officially changed their name to, wait for it, girl next door. That’s right, from all caps to all lower case. This single cover even has two versions! The one I posted is of course the old version, the newer one is the same image but a different, all lower case filled text. This is going to seriously mess with my OCD. Once I’m out of therapy, I’ll edit things according to how I want them to be.


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