Koda Kumi – Ai wo Tomenaide

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Koda Kumi – Ai wo Tomenaide

1. Ai wo Tomenaide

2. You are not alone

Another release from Kumi, and so soon! Well get used to it. She’s churning out yet another single very soon.

“Ai wo Tomenaide” is a ballad if you haven’t yet realized that by the cover. OK, joking aside, Kumi’s ballads can be pretty great/epic/omgflawlessdiva etc. and I’m just going to say it right now that this one kind of disappoints. The song overall has an interesting structure and different arrangement than one would expect, or at least I would. Although the music was sort of typical I suppose, the hints of Spanish guitar in the background brought back memories of 1000 no Kotoba, or so many big pop ballads of… the 90’s. Regardless, overall it’s a nice song, Kuu’s vocals are nice although sometimes they were a bit much. It just kind of sounded like they were trying to combine all 3 songs off of Suki de, Suki de, Suki de. into one. There is nothing really new/amazing about this song and it’s a little bit of a bore.

Score – 7.5

B-side time! “You are not alone” is actually not that bad. Although, I was fearing a Michael Jackson cover or something but nope, it’s an original song. It’s got a kind of understated goodness that normally goes along with Kumi’s B-sides. It’s got a bit of cuteness over the overall synthetic sound, but not like overly, I’m going to puke rainbows and smiles, cute. Because we all know that Kuu can easily go there. It ends up feeling really short and not as “big” next to Ai wo Tomenaide but quite frankly I preferred this. It’s definitely not an A-side, but good for what it is.

Score – 8

Final Note

Not all that impressed, feels a little rushed, I can’t get the feeling they were like “OMG, let us get to 51st single BEFORE Ayumi” That aside, god help her next single.

Overall Rating



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